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Masterpieces of Latvia more

Land: Lettland
Region: Lettland
Ort: Sigulda
Straße: Kr.Barona 2-25
Telefon: +371 2611 5590
Fax: +371 6797 3655
Firm Rank: 0
In cooperation with masters in Latvia we offer different products made of wood, metal, stone, ceramics and others. Each of products has its own individual approach of master, exclusive ideas and good quality. At the moment available products are: Sauna, heating bath, bath, lime-pits, chair-stairs, bench, rocking-chair, sunbath-chair.[...]

Baltroof SIA more

Land: Lettland
Region: Lettland
Ort: Riga
Straße: Tallinas str.75
Telefon: +371 6 7298338
Fax: +371 2 8372971
Firm Rank: 0
Good afternoon Our firm have shop “BiGboots”of greater sizes of footwear At present neither in Latvia, in Estonia, in Lithuania still there is no such project Therefore, I hope for success . I know that your firm successfully works in this direction. If you have an opportunity of wholesale deliveries to Latvia-RIGA female footwear the size: 40-45EUR (6.5-10.5 UK)(11-13US) Wide completeness .And man 47-50EUR (13-17 UK) We ask you to give the price-list (without VAT) and[...]