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ИП Рагозин В. Н. more

Land: Weissrussland
Region: Weissrussland
Ort: Минск
Straße: Машерова
Telefon: +375 17 2881835
Fax: +375 17 2881835
Firm Rank: 0

Factory of Musical Instruments more

Land: Weissrussland
Region: Weissrussland
Ort: Borisov
Straße: 30-let Vlksm
Telefon: +375 1777 33062
Fax: +375 1777 33062
Firm Rank: 0
We are leading manufacturers of musical instruments in Belarus. We delivered our pianos in Europian Market too. Our pianos "Belarus" are known all over the world, have a high quality and the keenest prices. Also we manufacture wooden musical toys: dulcimbers, 12 and 15 tones xilophones, souvenir "balalayka', our toys develop musical rhithm and give possibility to play music without musical knowlege. All products are maded by clear ecology materials[...]