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Seghers Keppel Technology more

Land: Belgien
Region: Belgien
Ort: Zele
Straße: Gentsesteenweg 311
Telefon: +32 9 367 94 94
Fax: +32 9 367 94 95
Firm Rank: 0

Mic Industries more

Land: Belgien
Region: Belgien
Ort: Lokeren
Straße: Dijkstraat 15
Telefon: +32 09 3484848
Fax: +32 09 3489516
Firm Rank: 0
Supplies of compressors, converters, inverters, welding equipment, wind-powered turbines, key construction tools, lassing equipment and tool ranges. Full-maintenance services provided locally. It- Software and ERP solutions. Workstations, Servers and peripherals.[...]

Belba more

Land: Belgien
Region: Belgien
Ort: Bredene
Straße: G.Defeverstraat 7
Telefon: +32 59 331761
Firm Rank: 0
While our company was establisht in 1980,our main activities where the import and export from divers agri culture machines. In extention of above activities we started in 1985 with gardening equipment. 1995 was the year where we extend our bussines to build al kind of liquid storage tanks and silos,made to order. The year 2000 was the year of develop our watertreathment department,such as RO UF ionisation and UV treathment, specialised in building made to order plants in small and verry[...]