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Branche:Metalurgie & Hüttenkunde


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Seghers Keppel Technology more

Land: Belgien
Region: Belgien
Ort: Zele
Straße: Gentsesteenweg 311
Telefon: +32 9 367 94 94
Fax: +32 9 367 94 95
Firm Rank: 0

Bercom International more

Land: Belgien
Region: Belgien
Ort: Le Roux
Straße: Rue Grande
Telefon: +32 71 712942
Fax: +32 71 712942
Firm Rank: 0
We are trading agro-commodities mainly rice (with a Thai Producer/Seller), milk powder (with a factory in Northern Europe) and sugar (from Thailand or Brazil). About Thai rice, we are able to manage yard/mill visit for each identified customers. Samples are also available at customer's cost. We are acting also in steel scrap, cement, milipol and security equipments and materials.[...]


Land: Belgien
Region: Belgien
Ort: Angleur
Straße: Rue de Tilff 277
Telefon: +32 4 2349191
Fax: +32 4 2349199
Firm Rank: 0
We are STEDIC INTERNATIONAL company. We are based in Belgium. We introduce us as importers exporters of steel products of prime and secondary quality. We are selling flat rolled products in coils, strips, sheets, blanks (parts for automobile industry). Usual quality in CR, HR, HRP&O, Galvanized, EloG, Prepainted, ... We can also provide mixed sheets bundles, corrugated sheets, sheets from disclassed sandwich panels (roof and wall type), sandwich panels disclassed that we revalue, and[...]