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SMA Design Group International Inc. (The) more

Land: Zypern
Region: Zypern
Ort: Nicosia
Straße: 11 Katalanou Street, Ste 11
Telefon: +1 357 99057752
Fax: + 000 0000000
Firm Rank: 0
Architects, Engineers, Designers. “OUR BUSINESS IS COMMERCIAL PLANNING AND DESIGN. OUR STRENGTH IS THE SUCCESS OF OUR WORK.”© We are an award winning multidiscipline international commercial planning and design group. Our practical “Design Ideas Deliver Results on Target.”©. Voted one of the top 50 International Design Firms 9 years in a row. With offices in Toronto, New York, Zurich, Nicosia, Sydney and Hong Kong, we serve our clients’ design needs worldwide. Although have been[...]