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Eurofirma JCC Group BV more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Leusden
Straße: Zonnedauwhof 26
Telefon: +31 33 4654664
Firm Rank: star
JCC Group BV is a Dutch based and Dutch registrated company with subsidairy office in China We mainly source hard to find computer/notebookparts in China for our Worldwide customers and also develop them if not to be found on the market anymore. Our services will not only provide you with good priced parts, but we also do the QC and testinging of all items, to ensure that you you will get good quality parts and not the junk that mainly comes from China Recently we started our own notebookbattery[...]

Biz-Hub International, Inc. more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: The Hague
Straße: Anna van Sarsan Laan
Telefon: +31 858 880403
Fax: +31 847 362099
Firm Rank: 0
Biz-Hub International locates Global Financing and Bank Instruments for economically viable ventures / projects worldwide. As a Leader in the field of locating Capital Sources, Biz-Hub’s true strength lies in the Search Methods that are applied, as well as Contacts with Thousands of Lenders and Investors World-wide. Established primarily to locate much needed business capital, Biz-Hub International provides professional assistance. It is important to emphasize that Biz-Hub International[...]

XeloQ Communications Internet Telephony more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Hoofddorp
Straße: Kruisweg 811B
Telefon: +31 23 8901271
Fax: +31 84 2231337
Firm Rank: 0
Who are we? XeloQ Communications is in the VoIP business since mid 2002 and has the technical people and skills to support whatever is possible in the exiting world of the Internet Telephony. We run our operations and NOC's in the Netherlands and Belgium and we have support departments covering different time zones. After running the H323 standard for 2 years, we switched to SIP which is the defacto VoIP standard nowadays. What do we offer? We deliver VoIP and Internet Telephony[...]

Boscom more

Land: Niederlande
Ort: Alphen Nb
Straße: Bijsters 3
Fax: +31 13 5082663
Firm Rank: 0
Small ICT-consulatancy Company, specialised in webdesign, PC-support, usertraining&instruction as well as communicationstrategie. This unique combination of skills and our 'no cure, no pay' businessapproach is very suited for small businesses and non-profit organisations.[...]

Boogert & Partners more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Rijswijk Zh
Straße: Herenstraat 24
Telefon: +31 70 3660510
Fax: +31 70 3660369
Firm Rank: 0

Bloemistengroep.nl more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Middelharnis
Straße: Langeweg 90
Telefon: +31 18 7473366
Fax: +31 18 7473540
Firm Rank: 0

ARXX, reclame & marketing more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Leerdam
Straße: Pfinztalstraat 16
Telefon: +31 34 5637040
Fax: +31 34 5637049
Firm Rank: 0


Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Veenwouden
Straße: De Zwette 19
Telefon: +31 511 479500
Fax: +31 511 474740
Firm Rank: 0
Business mission Under the influence of the changing market and new insights into market developments, the way in which the company sees itself has changed. Alfons Freriks Logistics has come to regard itself as more of an organizer rather than a pure transporter or forwarder. By taking on the role of manager (logistics service provider), Alfons Freriks Logistics can differentiate itself. In the role of manager, the company takes care of the entire organization and management of[...]