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Land: Brasilien
Region: Brasilien
Ort: Belo Horizonte
Straße: Rua Paracatu, nº277
Telefon: +55 31 75540964
Firm Rank: 0
Commex and Global companies works in partnership and effectively managed companies involved in Manufacture, Branding and Exportation of various products. We export a wide range of frozen poultry, beef, pork, dairy and seafood. We also export products like sugar, cooking oil (used and unused), copper and beverages, we have built a deep rooted business network that is spread in all corners of the world. Our products are the best both, in terms of quality and effective pricing. We can supply a wide[...]

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Land: Brasilien
Region: Brasilien
Ort: Porto Alegre
Straße: Anita Garibaldi, 110
Telefon: +55 51 33334100
Fax: +55 51 33334100
Firm Rank: 0
Mynarski is specialized in the strategic management of companies´assets, providing control and assessment services as well as specific software. Mynarski is present in Brazil, Mexico and in the United States, and operates with local and global corporations. Mynarski was created in 1991 gathering together experts in industrial appraisal and control of fixed assets. Thereafter, Mynarski has been developing several innovations and has become a leader in the Brazilian marketplace. Nowadays, Mynarski[...]