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ТОО "KazWestTrans" more

Land: Kazakhstan
Region: Kazakhstan
Ort: Актау
Straße: 3б микрорайон. здание 16
Telefon: +8 7292 609948
Fax: +8 7292 609948
Firm Rank: 0

Kazbusiness more

Land: Kazakhstan
Region: Kazakhstan
Ort: Almaty
Straße: Furmanov str 247, apt 12
Telefon: +7 3272 630117
Firm Rank: 0
We are Kazakhstan based company established especially for helping foreign potential companies and investors to invest or find an agent in Kazakhstan. New investment opportunities in many industries, come from untaken niches in many industries nowadays in Kazakhstan. If you would like to expand your business operations or would want invest in separate industry or project, please free to contact us.[...]