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Jafacommodities Corp more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Temba
Straße: 3479 Zone 3 Leboneng
Telefon: +27 12 7174408
Fax: +27 12 7173650
Firm Rank: 0
Jafacommodities Corporation. … these noted services may not be applicable in certain countries. We are a brokerage house dealing in most tradable financial instruments and international commodities. These we offer thro ugh Licensed Financial institutions, and credible suppliers across the globe. You will be offered U.S Treasury Bills; Mortgage Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Promissory Notes; Short Term ,medium Term and Long Term Debt Instruments. Our direct provider will cut for you a Standby[...]

African Gold and Diamond Trading more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Freetown
Straße: 12 Howe Street
Telefon: +232 7920 7052
Firm Rank: 0