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[Polen]Fire alarm BOX ROP

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ROP-A is a manual fire alarm box type A, directly activated. As regards electric circuit it may be classified as a simple switch equipped with the electric passive elements working in the circuit of signalling alarm status.

In the version with signalling, after breaking glass, an alarm status is signaled by shining of diode LED. Contact block includes two contacts: normally closed (Y) and normally opened (X) or two contacts normally closed (Y). Contact Y is opened in the supervising status and it closes in the alarm status.Contact X works inversely.

Outside wires are connected to fourpath or sixpath thread connector.

Manual fire alarm box type ROP-AM is activated by means of using a hammer for glass breaking, which is an accessory of the fire alarm box.

Manual fire alarm box type ROP-AD is activated by means of using any hard object for glass breaking.

Rated insulation voltage Ui: 500V
Rated switched currents Ie:
AC15 Ue 230V/400V 6A/4A
DC13 Ue 24V/110V/220V 4A/1A/0,25A
Rated signalling voltage Us: 24V AC, DC
230V AC
Maximum resistance of contacts: 10 mOhm
Cross sections of external connecting wires: 0,28 ... 1,5 mm²
Protection degree: IP54
Ambient temperature range: -30ºC ... +70ºC


Activating manual fire alarm box follows as result of glass breaking. Erasing is possible after changing damaged glass by new one.

In order to change glass it is necessary:
- to unscrew two rim screws and to take off frontal plate,
- to unscrew two screws fixing glass,
- to remove leftovers of broken glass and to install a new one.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:ROP-A
Place of origin:Polska
Price:Ask for price
Packing:1 szt.
Minimum order:1 szt.
Quality/Certifications:CE, CNBOP


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