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[Polen]Limit switches series 83 758

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Switches series 83 758 in metal casings

Limit switches are designed to be used in the automated driving systems, control and measurement circuits of alternating and direct current.

In switches series 83 758 with casing, body of switch 83 135 or 83 136 is situated inside metal casing. There are mobile make contacts and break contacts in switches. Position and speed of change-over contacts movement and time needed for switching them over depend on position and speed of displacement of the controlling element that operates on the pusher with appropriate force. System of mobile contacts is unstable, it means that after releasing the force operating on pusher, mobile contacts return to the initial, starting position automatically.Switches series 83 758 are equipped with removable driving heads and levers.
Bodies of switches are equipped with capitular safety terminal with screw M4 situated inside metal casing.


Rated insulation voltage Ui: 400V
Rated switching voltage Ue
AC-15 400V 50Hz
DC-13 220=
Limited current: 1000A
Rated switching frequency per hour: 1200
Ambient temperature [C]: -25 ... +40
Protection degree IP65
Type of gland: Dp13,5
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Model/Article number:83 758
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