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The PC-based "SIGMA CONTROL" precisely matches compressor power to compressed air demand. This leads to optimised energy efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and increases compressed air system reliability.
With various communication possibilities, such as the standard Profibus interface, the SIGMA CONTROL is the perfect choice for compressor networking and interaction via the SIGMA AIR MANAGER compressed air management system.

Increasing numbers of smaller companies are using individual rotary screw compressor units to provide their air supply, but do not require the range of functions offered by the SIGMA CONTROL. This is where the SIGMA CONTROL BASIC from KAESER comes into its own, as it delivers significant energy savings with enhanced compressor system reliability. If a company’s demand for compressed air should increase due to expansion, then SIGMA CONTROL BASIC units are able to work together with SIGMA CONTROL equipped compressor systems. Furthermore, SIGMA CONTROL BASIC units can also be simply integrated into compressed air installations controlled by a SIGMA AIR MANAGER.
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