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[Tschechien]SuperTech - fuel saver

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SuperTech is an immersion device, having a metal holed cylinder shape, with a heart of magnets, a diod and some ceramic components with natural catalyzing functions.

The device works by simply diving it inside the fuel tank, with no need of electric or hydraulic connection with the engine of the vehicle. It works generating the emission of far infra-red electromagnetic wave, that are able to temporary modify the molecular structure of the fuel bringing a better interaction between the fuel and the oxygene.

The device manages to burn the exhaust usually coming out uncombusted. This means we use the part of fuel which used to become pollution instead.
We manage the transformation of the incombusted into combusted - so we increase the efficacy of the engine and reduce the fuel consuption.
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Place of origin:Italy
Price:dependes on EUR
Delivery time:14 days
Minimum order:1 pc


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