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Zakład Produkcyjny Biopreparatów Weterynaryjnych Biomast s.c.

[Polen]Pharmaceutical product Biomast

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Modern pharmaceutical product for ecological prophylaxis and eradication off mastitis in cattle. the method limits and even eliminates antibiotics.
The Product is not a vaccine, but its properties include regeneration of the natural cellular defense system of the udder. Administered subcutaneously below supramammary lymph nodes is absorded by the lymph, goes to lymph nodes and is metabolized, and cytokins are produces. they stimulate cells, mainly macrophages, into phagocytosis and pathogen bacteriolisis.
Thetapeutic indication: in prophylaxix and in all forms of mastitis and in the drying of period.
Withdraw time for milk: none, product does no pose ecological risk to the environment.
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Zakład Produkcyjny Biopreparatów Weterynaryjnych Biomast s.c.

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