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ELTOM Ogrzewanie podłogowe. Systemy grzewcze

[Polen]Devireg Touch

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Devireg already TOUCH Eltom our offer.

- Easy to use and program
- Sleek design can be adapted to other devices on the wall (switches, sockets, etc..)
- Intuitive touchscreen
- Economical
- 5 year warranty
- The "leave" the determination date of departure and return
- The "Protection Frost "
- Ability to read the menu before you buy the software that can be installed on a computer or smartphone

Ability to work with third-party floor sensors - Aube, Devi, Eberle, Ensto, Fenix, electronic Oh, Raychem, Teplolux, Warmup.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:Devireg Touch
Place of origin:Dania
Brand:DEVI/ Danfoss
Price:440 PLN
Price Terms:Cena brutto, koszt transportu 18zł
Delivery time:1 days
Minimum order:1


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ELTOM Ogrzewanie podłogowe. Systemy grzewcze

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