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[Polen]Processing stabilizer - Antioxidant (Concentrate)

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A new generation of antioxidants to be used in the process of recycling.

PM 30100-DEO-PE and PM 30101-DEO-PP

In order to recycle plastics at a high quality level and ensure that the properties of plastic material remain unchanged when it is subjected to multiple recycling, it is necessary to use various processing stabilizers. These substances protect the plastic material from degradation at the time when it is molten.
The antioxidant used for his purpose which is highly popular in the US market blends high performance and low price. In addition, the stabilizer exhibits the properties of a nucleating agent (nucleator) for polypropylene PP and (partially) polyethylene LDPE. It is nontoxic and has been attested by the PZH Polish Hygene Institute regarding its contact with food.
In comparison with other stabilizers it requires lower concentrations.

PLAST-MARKET has utilized this material to develop the two kinds of concentrates:
PM RC-05PE and PM RC-06PP.
These materials exhibit good miscibility with plastic and high performance.

Used together with:
* PE
* PP

The benefits of application:
* Low price combined with high level of efficiency
* Reduces unwelcome odor of plastic
* No interference with plastic dyeing process
* Perfect processing properties
* Good resilience and electrical properties
* Smooth surface of extruded or molded goods

POLMAST Restabilizer is shipped in normalized and palletized 25 kg sacks.
Per customer order, the package weight can be modified.

The suggested storage time is 3 months.
The product should be stored in a cool and dry place.
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:PM 30100-DEO-PE; PM 30101-DEO-PP
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