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Sexy Furniture

[Niederlande]Table Trio

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Erotica with a wink.
A table with unique erotic design.
Seeing this table makes you smile and invites you to touch it!
Inspired by a stunning pair of legs I brought these
female forms alive in this design.
The table has many unique details,
look at the different poses of the legs.
The colour contrast between the light maple legs and
the dark walnut tops gives this
large object a refined appearance
Both wood species have a similar structure,
grain pattern and are fairly hard.

Material: legs Dutch maple, tops European walnut
Dimensions: ca. 220 X 220 X 80 cm
Finishing: High class of perfection, natural oil and
beeswax bring out the beauty of the wood.
The base consists of three pieces and three separate tops.
Within the Netherlands I will personally deliver the work.
Inclusive a maintenance kit to preserve the beauty of the wood
Price: € 19.995,00


Additional information:

Price:19.995,00 EUR


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Sexy Furniture

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