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[Grossbritannien]Wayfinder Arrow WFMK1

WAYFINDER WFMK1 Sound activated Wire free retro fit Wayfinder. This Wayfinder recognises the sound of smoke & fire alms. It is an intelligent unit that will, within 30 seconds of alarm activation, will independently switch them on and continue operation until the smoke or fire alarms switch off. The added safety feature is that they will continue to operate for a further 45 seconds after the alarms stop to ensure everyone clears the building. They will then automatically switch[...]


[Grossbritannien]Wayfinder Arrow WFMK2

WAYFINDER WFMK2 All the features of Wayfinder MK1 but for high noise and high traffic areas it works by a radio frequency signal. The signal is sent from a very small master unit which is set next to the main alarm and operates by sending out an RF signal to the receiving RF Wayfinder’s. Can operate through floors, Walls, ceilings internally and externally.[...]


[Grossbritannien]Fire Poncho

The "Fire Poncho" is the worlds first and only high speed, fast, easy fit, fire compliant protective garment that is suitable for everyone How does it work? Simple! Once you hear the fire or smoke alarm activated just pull out your "Fire Poncho" from it's "quick release" foil packet, located in your room or in the "Fire Poncho bins" located each side of the fire extinguisher by the refuge points in the building 1) Simply pull the"Quick Release"[...]





[China]Microprocessor Control Flammable Gas Detector with Solenoid Valve

Microprocessor Control Flammable Gas Detector with Solenoid Valve Gas Controller The product is wall mounted gas detector with high stability. It is used for detecting leaking gas. Advanced semiconductor sensor is adopted to ensure high stability and long life. It is convenient for mounting. The product is suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, hotels, markets, boarding house and hazardous areas indoors and outdoors where combustible gas is produced. Main Features: 1. high sensitivity[...]


[China]Smoke gas detector alarm sensor

Model: JY-YG-010 smoke and fire detector, when the smoke density exceed the pre-determined standard, then it will send signal to the main panel to alarm. It can combine alarm system for use and it can use alone. Widely used at kitchen, hospital, supermarket, bank, warehouse, hotel, etc. Feature: Wireless installation, wireless transmitter, DIY project High quality flame retardant material for the plastic covers High sensitive chips inside and strong anti-interfere Self-alarm when the[...]


[China]Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm specifications: ◎Power source: 9VDC battery ◎Operating current: 10mA (normal) and 20-50 mA (alarm working) ◎Operating temperature: 40℉~100℉ (4. 4℃~37.8℃) ◎Ambient humidity: 10%~90% ◎Sensitivity to smoke: in comply with UL217 ◎Horn level: 85 decibels at 10 feet ◎Battery life: 1 year Min FEATURES: ◎Ceiling or wall mounting ◎Suitable for any rooms ◎Flash alarm indicator (red) ◎Test button for easy recommended[...]


[China]Fire extinguisher, fire hydrant, fire hose

Our company, established in August of 1998, is loacted in Port-city Ningbo. We are a manufacturer specializing in producing following goods, Fire Extinguishers: - ABC/BC Powder Fire Ext. - Stainless Steel Fire Ext. - CO2 Fire Ext. - Trolley/Wheel Fire Ext. - Automatic/Hang Fire Ext. Valves of Ext. Gauges of Ext. Others of Ext. Fire Hose Coupling, Joint Nozzles /Water Separator Fire Hydrant Valves Fire Hose Reel Fire Fighting Cabinet Fire Blanket Sprinkler Fire[...]


[Polen]Smoke vent button PD

The II PD type manual smoke vent button is intended for the controlling of smoke dampers, providing a simultaneous local 1- or 3-LED light signalling, depending on design. In the case of a 1-LED signalling, activating the button makes the LED flash red, while pressing the button on a 3-LED signalling system makes the LEDs emit continuous light and indicate the following: detection (green), failure (yellow), and activation (red). The button is equipped with passive electronic components. The[...]



[China]Fire hose box

Fire Hose Box 1.Dimensions: Assorted 2.Box material:FRP Fire Hose Box All products comply with the Amendment 1996 of 1974 International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, the International Life-saving Appliance Code LSA and the regulations on life-saving appliance tests of the Marine Safety Committee Decision MSC.81(70). Also some products have gained the approval of CCS, GL, BV and EC in shipping field as well as establishing complete quality management system and having passed the authentication[...]