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[Polen]OCHI LED module

OCHI is a LED module with square construction which allow to arrange in matrix combinations. Thanks to ability to easy create almost any lighting form this module has wide range of applications. dedicated high reliability applications. OCHI module is provide with LED shunt protection, gold plated contacts and heat transfer surface. To successive connect LED modules with power supplies you only have to use thin and elastic wire. Thanks to thermal conductive tape it is possible to paste OCHI module[...]


[Polen]Grilled Panama Matting Mat

GRILLED PANAMA MATTING MAT is made of interwined coco,has rubber backing, printed inscription and grill ending. Available in size 45x75 cm Pattern with bright and vivid colours in mix with grill ending make the mat looks very decorative. Different patterns are available.[...]


[Polen]Heat Set Carpet

Heat Set carpets are made of heat set yarn and are woven mechanically. Available in three main sizes: 60x100 70x140 110x195 Most patterns have floral or mosaical motives, what make this collection really ellegant.[...]


[Polen]Atlantic 5 Bath Mat

ATLANTIC 5 is made of acryl (100%) and have latex,antislip backing. Pile height is 10mm. This bath mats are sold single or in double and triple sets. Available sizes: 50x75 cm single mat 50x75 cm + 50x38 cm double set 50x70 cm + 50x38 cm + 47x50 cm triple set Available in two shapes: classical - rectangular and oval. ATLANTIC is appropriate both for bathroom and toilet. Modern pattern in connection with vivid colours make this product a greatdecoration of the house.It can be washed in washing[...]


[Polen]Oak Garden Furniture

All products are handmade individual pieces, designed to show the natural beauty of oak wood. Tables, chairs, benches, swings, hammocks, birdtables... etc. No minimal order. Deliveries all around Europe. See our website for more pictures.[...]


[Polen]Flower pot Eva

Galpi Ceramika S.C. Flower pots available in all colours from palette RAL Colour System, in glaze and acryl paint. measures: 191 średnica - 12 cm wys. - 13 cm 192 średnica - 16 cm wys. - 18 cm 193 średnica - 21,5 cm wys. - 22 cm 194 średnica - 27,5 cm wys. - 28 cm We encourage to see the prezentation of our firm and to get informations about ordering our Catalogue.[...]


[Polen]Flower pot - Holender

Galpi Ceramika S.C. Flower pots available in al colours from palette RAL Colour System, in glaze and acryl paint. measures: 81 średnica - 9 cm wys. - 10 cm 82 średnica - 12,5 cm wys. - 12,5 cm 83 średnica - 16 cm wys. - 16 cm 84 średnica - 19,5 cm wys. - 19,5 cm We encourage to see the prezentation of our firm. and to get informations how to order our Catalogue[...]


[Polen]Flower pot - Lemon pot

Galpi Ceramika S.C. We encourage to see the prezentation of our firm.[...]



Stückzahl - 12 Volumen [m3] - 0,09 Abmessungen [mm] - 365x310x795 Gewicht [kg] - 6,99[...]



VERPACKUNG - Karton Stückzahl - 12 Volumen [m3] - 0,0175 Abmessungen [mm] - 295x195x305 Gewicht [kg] - 1,26[...]