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[Argentinien]DR.COSSIA Pet food

The complete and balanced formula of Dr. Cossia Pet Food for pets of normal activity, it is composed by ingredients of high quality that they assure an excellent reception by palate of its pets and one better digestion. It has all necessary the essential nutrients for a pets of normal activity. High nutricional value to an accessible price. 100% natural, guaranteed satisfaction. Calcium and minerals: they guarantee one structures bony optimal. Fortified with vitamins and minerals.[...]



Are totally nature food for animal. We bred them with bran and sweet vegetables. They are rich in protein and fat. They are dried by microwave oven and sterilized by it either. Have good taste and people also eat them in some countries. Above 50% protein, 28% fat, moisture less than 5%. In two sizes, more than 2.8 cm and less than 2.8 cm Place of origin: CHINA[...]