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[Südkorean]Curtain fabrics, either plain or print.

1) Jacquard 2) Printed on poly/cotton and burnt-out 3) Sheers on organza 4) Soft blackout in three layers 5) Hospital curtain fabrics 6) Silver Nano applied 7) Mirror Curtain 8) Fire retardant 9) Environment friendly products for Roman shade and etc. *The materials are 100% polyester, or polyester/cotton blend and are available in 150cm/60 inch to 297cm/117 inch width. * All are made in Rep. of Korea(R.O.K.)[...]


[Südkorean]Towel/Kitchen Towel Dryer

Our Towel Dryer has ample room & heat to dry and warm a full set of bath, face and hand towels saving on laundry and help to reduce dampness in poorly ventilated bathrooms preventing mold and mildew growth and they are the ideal way to dry hand-washables like sweaters and other delicate laundry items. So is our Kitchen Towel Dryer also for two sets of kitchen towels at the same time. You can save unnecessary laundry burdens by keeping your towels dry and fresh between uses. Our Electrail[...]


[Südkorean]Offer to sell Curtain Fabric

Introducing ourselves, we are a manufacturer & exporter of various types of Curtain Fabric for window use in Korea since 1979. Over 26 years we have been enjoying a good reputation with high qualities, Competitiveness and Delivery on time. We are sending this letter with a keen desire to work with your reliable company by supplying our products in the nearest days. Our products manufactured under ISO9001 & ISO14001 are as follows; 1) Jacquard 2) Printed on poly/cotton[...]


[Südkorean]wallpaper mural

Mural wallpaper of 100,000 different designs provides customer to choice design, size and material they want. Using by eco-friendly water ink and qualified material, it gives special space and inspired feeling. Pre-pasted allows easy to install. - Material : Non-woven polyester (PVC) : Paper (Urethane coated, Duplex, Korean paper) - Size : 1 panel : 120cm x 240cm (Length x Height) 2 panels : 240cm x 240cm 3 panels : 360cm x 240cm We are[...]


[Südkorean]LED LAMP

Features: Energy saving : 80~90% less power consumption than incandescent lamp Eco-friendly : Mercury & Lead free No RF interference, No UV radiation , No flickering Long life time up to 50,000hours CE & RoHS compliant Instant soft start Body temperature less than 60 ℃ Application: Hotels Parks Houses Offices Corridors Market place Show windows[...]


[Südkorean]M8 Series Quick Change Filtration Water Filter/purifier

The need of water purifier with Quick-change filter A. Continues profit growth by the terms of filter replacements. B. Continues profit growth and also water dealer. C. Lowest maintain cost for the installation of the new machine and filter replacement. D. Lowest filter replacement cost (System Designed by customers are able to install by themselves in easy and no need additional service man or service tool). E. More Customer satisfaction by regular notice through main company or filter[...]


[Südkorean]H2 Series Quick Change Filtration Water Filter,purifier

Why good water purifier must be need to obtain your long term valuable customers Water purifiers are not for short term profits products but good for long term business. Hence, to obtain long term sales amounts, the replacement business must be followed by good water filters. Also you must let your customers know that the purifier is managed under your company or your agent so their purifier is always offer pure and fresh water for the family. Consideration of water purifier selection[...]


[Südkorean]Light bulb,anion

Anion light will make a refresh and vital air in home, office,etc. likely in the Forest. It's included Negative ion generator. Negative ion remove air polution, smoke, bacteria and dust ,etc. ------------------------ Product name: The forest Anion Light bulb. Model : spiral type 15Watt(850Luminous), 20watt(1,100 Luminous),23watt(1,300Luminous) (energy saving type) Light co;or : daylight and warm white light Life time : over 8,000 ~11,000hrs Anion count measurement : 985,280 anions/cc distance[...]


[Südkorean]Building stone veneer and facing brick for interior and exterior.

CERASTONE is construction final material with touch and color same as raw stone's, as choosing and trimming beautiful and good rough stone by natural shape and size. It is light, easy to carry out and save the cost. Also it is an incombustible material with good adiabatic efficiency and sound insulation. CERASTONE is used as construction interior/exterior finish material also landscape architectural material, because it matches well in house, store, restaurant, hotel, hearth, steel house and inside[...]


[Südkorean]ACrylic Printed Mink Blanket

ACRYLIC PRINTED MINK BLANKETS 1) 1-ply Blanket Size : 160 x 220 cm Weight : 2.0 kgs upto 2.6 kgs /pc Size : 200 x 240 cm Weight : 2.8 kgs upto 4.3 kgs /pc 2) 2-ply Blanket Size : 200 x 240 cm Weight : 5.00 kgs upto 8.0 kgs /pc 3) Over 150 Flower designs & Animal designs are available.[...]