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[China]DC61000, 6V1000mA Universal Type AC/DC Adaptor

Professional manufacturer for kinds of adaptors, AC/DC Adaptors, Battery Chargers, Power adaptors, Switching Power Supply etc. It's ideal chargers or power supply for types of batteries, lights, audio, ethernet adaptors, etc. Brand in "Jiali Electronics", With certificate CE/GS/RoHS/BS/UL/CUL/SAA/PSE, We have transformer types and switching types(electronic types) using different elements 110V 60Hz adaptor 2 pins, 230V 50Hz adaptor 2pins, 3 pins, 110V 60Hz charger, 230V 50Hz[...]


[USA]Plastic Router Bits

Feel The Difference -- It is Plastice !!! Fast Cutting. It will help you to make nice edge on granite. It is very easy to use, and fast. So you can save money and time. We have Patent for this product. And Lot of customer in USA like this. So we can guarantee about quality. Try it Today !!!![...]


[China]UD(L) series Planet Cone-disk Stepless Speed Variator

Characteristic: 1. Adopting planet cone disk principle to realize speed variation. high strength, bidirectional rotation, reliable capability. 2. Stable performance, low noise and long durability. 3. Strong capability of combination, it can be combined with other reducer to realize lower speed stepless variation. Technical data: 1. Input power: 0.12KW-11KW 2. Max output torque: 176N.m 3. Output rotation speed range (if 4 electrodes' motor): 1000-170 rpm[...]


[China]Hydrogen energy - Renewable energy Application Demo System

Model: HY-ES02 Application: Demo for universities, high schools and middle schools, science centers, research organizations, etc. The product shows comprehensively how solar energy is converted into power via electrolysis of water, how hydrogen is converted into energy in a fuel cell,etc. It is suitable for both education and research purposes. Power supply: 220 V AC Dimensions: 397 mm x 310 mm x 170 mm To buy any of our products,all comes with a beautiful money clip or an ipod bag worth 25 USD.[...]


[China]GSM SMS M2M Wireless Remote Switch Controller S130 for Vending machine

Specifications Trading Consulting On GSM Household Alarm System GSM Household Alarm System GSM alarm System Household Alarm system Remote switching machines with a SMS text from your mobile phone! Remote Monitoring your assets in the worldwide by your mobile Phone! The GSM SMS Controller-Alarm is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipments, car parking systems. Actually the GSM SMS Controller can be used[...]



Schaltschränke,Fertigung,Installationen,Automatisierung,Schaltschrank,Gerätebau,Leiterplatten,Automaten,IT-service,CCNA,CCNP,Level-1 support,Level-2 support,82024 Taufkirchen,EDV,EDV-Service,Netzwerke,Wassermelder,Lichtsteuerung,Kabelfertigung,Industrie,AC/DC Module ,Wandler,Netzkarten,Schaltregler,Haustechnik[...]


[China]Polyimide Film

Polyimide film (KYPI) is synthesized by polymerizing PMDA and ODA in strong polar solvents through the process of forming film and imine treatment at high temperature, which possesses excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, atomic radiation resistant, solvent resistant, low & high temperature resistant, It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -452F(-269c) and as high as +500F(+260c). Because of its unique excellent properties, it is the most ideal[...]


[China]Computer power supply ATX001

Computer power supply ATX001 Voltage 230Vac(180Vac-264Vac) or115Vac(90Vac-135Vac) Frequency 47Hz-63Hz Current 6.3A(MAX.) At 230Vac 12.0A(MAX.) At 115Vac Inrush Current <120A at 230Vac COLD START AT 25℃ Efficiency 65%MIN.at Full LOAD 230Vac/50HZ 55%MIN.at 30W LOAD 230Vac/50HZ[...]


[China]Carbon plate for fuel cell

Model:HY - C2 HY - C3 Use:For the production of fuel-cell bipolar plate Features:Resists high temperature, wear resistant,creep resistant, small expansion coefficient,long life, resists acid corrosion, oil-free self-lubricating, good chemical stability, excellent conductive properties Technical parameters:Maximum area: 250 mm x 250 mm,can also be cut into the size of a particular specification according to customer specifications Thickness: 2 mm,3 mm Storage requirements:Prevent fall or pressure,pick[...]


[China]Magnetic Drill, 38mm, 2 Variable Speed

Model No.: CE9438 Input Power: 1050W Rated Speed: 0-500RPM & 0-800RPM Hole Drill: 12-38mm Twist Drill: 23mm Max Attraction: 12000N Max Travel: 180mm Rotated Axis Taper: MT2 Drill Depth: 50mm Tap Capacity: M8-M16 Drill Mode: Hand Cool Mode: Self-cool[...]