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Accuracy finishing – no missing sequins, perfect cutting without fishtails Highest speed – 2000RPM Narrow head interval space available to fix double side sequins (6colors, 300mm head interval) Lift up 60mm for side and Lift up 75mm for front sequin device at least. Initializing system function – auto and manually Individual remote control for forwarding, back warding, lift up & down and initializing. Individual controller for each sequin device 1,600 micro stepping pulses using[...]


[Taiwan]Ellipse Piece Printing Machine

(1) The best choice for printing technique for the garment industry Askme P-100. ellipse piece printing machine. (2) Winning the patents from Germany, U.S.A, Japan, China and Taiwan. (3) Due to the limited quantity of the pallet station of the circular type piece printing machine, IT is sometime, Not so easy to success in rationalization for some kinos of printing techniques. Therefore, we have focused our attention on the research and development of ellipse piece printing machine, of which[...]


[China]Needle plate

We have manufactured over 300 kinds of needle plates,if you need them,please contact us.[...]


[China]Looper for quilting machine

This looper is used on Gribetz machine.We have manufactured over 400 kinds of loopers now. If you need them,please contact us.[...]


[China]Surgical gauze weaving machine

Our this type of air jet loom is specially designed to weave medical gauze or cotton gauze. Traditionally, gauze is produced on shuttle loom or rapier loom. But their production efficiency is pretty low, and high labor cost. With our new air jet loom for gauze, such problem will be long gone. Weaving Speed: 500RPM Output: above 800 meters/24hrs Labor: 1 worker can handle 4-8 sets Power consumption: low Yarn range: 20s-40s[...]


[China]Manual Textile Screen Printing machine (Carousel)

This CT carousel is for textile/garment screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport cloths, bags, PVC sheet, Umbrella and so on. CT-6C/6S 1, Colos: 6; 2, Stations: 6; 3, Station Size: 400x550 mm; 4, Station Materials: 6 mm PU plate and 8 mm Aluminum plate; 5, Micro-adjustment System: Have (Left-to-Right; Front-to-Back and with Angles); 6, Working Area: 270 x 270 cm; 7, Net Weight: 250 kg; 8, Packing Dimension: 180x180x150 cm; we can make the 4c/4s; 6c/6s and 8c/8s[...]


[China]Sell V-3 Hot air seam sealing machine for Shoes, Gloves, PVC, PU tape

V-3 HOT AIR SEAM SEALING MACHINE FOR SHOES It is Specialized machine with SHOE POST ROLLER, a narrow post with a smaller roller, designed for the tape sealing shoe, gloves ==Product Features== 1. Controlled by programmable PLC with HMI soft-touch display, process can be modified according to Users' requirements. 2. Auto controllable temperature with high stability slightly varies between±2oC. Warning device for temperature upper limit is installed to protect heating wire. 3. It has[...]


[China]Sell V-16 Waterproof zipper seam sealing machine for zippers

V-16 Waterproof zipper seam sealing machine It's specialized for making waterproof zippers, for making high quality skiing wear, jackets, and so on. ==Product Features== 1. Auto tape feeding and sealing. 2. Sealing temperature is controlled automatically with high stability. The temperature fluctuation is ±3℃. 3. Three-stage temperature control system is designed to produce best waterproof zipper, including warm-up, heat pressing, and constant temperature sealing. 4. Auxiliary[...]


[China]6-color 6 station screen printing machine

This machine is for textile screen printing industry, such as garments, T-shirts and sport clothes. Feature 1. 20 " X 26 " Platens with Brackets. 2. All tubular steel construction. 3. Precision tapered roller bearings for all rotary sections. 4. Dual bearing registration. 5. Adjustable screen tension hold down. 6. Adjustable dual off-contact. 7. Tools free screen tilt. 8. Sure-lock micro registration. 9. Durable finish. SPECIFICATION Colors: 6 Stations: 6 Plate[...]


[China]Single head cap embroidery machine

Type and standard: Head 1heads Head interval 360mm Needle 12Stitches Product type EMBOI-1201 Embroidery area 360x450mm Table size 1000x1450mm Packing size 1100x1650mm Suttle 360kg Gross weight 360kg Specifications: Stitch length 0. 1-12. 7mm Speed 300-850rpm/300-1000rpm Main motor High Efficiency AC Servo Motor/Excitation Motor X 2 X. Ymotor Pulse MotorX2 Power source 1-phase220V/240V(50/60HZ); 3-phase220V/240V/380V(50/60HZ) Power consumption 0. 8kw/1. 0kw/1. 5kw[...]