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[China]Surgical gauze weaving machine

Our this type of air jet loom is specially designed to weave medical gauze or cotton gauze. Traditionally, gauze is produced on shuttle loom or rapier loom. But their production efficiency is pretty low, and high labor cost. With our new air jet loom for gauze, such problem will be long gone. Weaving Speed: 500RPM Output: above 800 meters/24hrs Labor: 1 worker can handle 4-8 sets Power consumption: low Yarn range: 20s-40s[...]


[China]The 18th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2017)

The 18th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ShanghaiTex 2017) focuses on the world’s latest innovative textile technology, high-growth application sectors and cross-border technology, thereby assisting industry to overcome challenges and spark new opportunities on the way to industry 4.0. In response to the "Customization" trend, ShanghaiTex 2017 contributes to the progressive realization of industry 4.0 through promotion of advancement in production, digitalization,[...]


[China]The 18th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Textile Machinery (YiwuTex 2017)

YiwuTex 2017 features three thematic zones – Functional Knitting Zone, Smart Apparel Zone and Digital Printing Zone. With the core value of Industry 4.0, we keep following innovative yarn and its applications, whist giving a brand new focus on the technology of healthcare textiles, prospective of the future Chinese factory and the application of data management into factory control, thus helping garment manufacturers in Zhejiang Province to enhance productivity and to save cost.[...]


[China]Opening Roller for open end spinning

ROLLER HEAD DIA: 65mm, 75mm, 80mm TYPE: OK40, OK36, OK37, OK61, OK74, OS21, OB20,ETC. SPEED: 5000RPM, 5500RPM, 6000RPM, 6500RPM, 7000RPM, 7500RPM, 8000RPM, 8500RPM, 9000RPM. FOR OPEN END SPINNING MACHINERY: ELITEX BD200RN/SN, BDA10/20, D1,D2, RIETER BT902/905, BT923, RIETER INGOLSTADT RU04,11,14, RIETER R1, R20,SAURER BD D30, ETC.[...]


[China]rope making machine

The machine is applied to twist natural & Synthetic fibres into ropes. It can continously makes varous chemical fibre ropes flaxen ropes ,coir ropes ,and etc. Characteristics: 1)The twisting dIrection Z or S is selected as you like; 2)The No. of turns the ply threads and ropes is adjustable; 3)Twist each two turns; 4)High production ,low energy comsumption & noise and no material wasted. Also we can supply up to 12 strands rope machine.[...]


[China]Down feather fillers

Item no.: SF-1 Dimension: 6400*2500*3000mm Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase Power: 7.5kw Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa Weight: Approx. 800kg It is mainly used to make down & feather garment, feather sleeping bag and cushion, feather mattress and feather quilting and other similar stuffing productions. The feather down filling takes vacuum method style function that helps to keep the material original soft, elastic and hand feeling and avoid the feather being damaged during[...]


[Südkorean]mixed function coiling device

Fantastic Nanoteck coiling device which can do beading, taping and coiling as same as mixed head function does. The best solution for value added without buying new machine. You can have mixed function like beading, taping, coiling with it. Any brand,Any year, Any heads... no problem at all. Even no need to connect with main machine's CPU at all. Our newly developed controller will do all necessary works automatically. It's like a magic!!!! Additionally, it's bigger bobbins are using than[...]


[China]Embroidery machine

We are manufactory for producing Multipl Head Computerized Embroidery machine ,We have lots of experience export to India,Pakistan ,Turkey markekt .Our brand name:"HONESTY" ,"lotus"having good reputation in above market . Welcome your inquiry :0086 13533988774/0086 13202029414 . Thanks &Regards Ashok HONESTY IMPEX(H.K.)[...]


[China]Vacuum Board

1. characteristic: With setting electrically-heated device in table-board and die head, it is provided with vacuum moisture absorption to Ironing worktable --Ironing table. It is useful for removing crinkle, stereotype, trim, moisture absorption. It is applicable to every kind of material, cloth, drapery, It is necessary for apparel fabric of garment (cotton, feather, hemp, silk, fibre ) on making clothing industry and semi-manufactured goods & finished product of habiliment. 2. model: Model[...]


[China]4060 series laser handicraft engraving machine

Application Handicraft industry, decoration, and advertising industry. Function The machine is widely applied in the fine engraving on nonmetallic materials like acrylic, organic board, double color plate, plank, bamboo product, paper, plastic, PVC board, density board, marble, glass, etc. And all kinds of characters, graphs, images, trademarks and so on. Device The double guide rail, step drive, belt transmission, tube feeding, lift platform, the honey-comb striation, the circulation[...]