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[Taiwan]Rotary Solenoid - Richmeg Industry Company Ltd.

1) Convert the linear motion to Rotary motion. 2) Create the rotary force with the very short response time. 3) RoHS Compliant[...]


[China]Garment Samples Making Laser Cutting Machine (CJG-150250)

Garment Samples Making Laser Cutting Machine (CJG-150250) Especially focuses on garment sample making and small quantities various garment fabric cutting. Vacuum adsorbing conveyer working table makes rolling and feeding easy. Suitable cutting material includes cotton & linen, chemical fiber, etc. It can be equipped with garment camera sample copy machine, which makes sample production fast. Marker pen and CCD camera can be also equipped. Technical Parameter Laser Type     CO2 Hermetic and Detached Laser Tube Laser Power     65W,[...]


[China]PP Woven Bag Production Line

Tianfeng plastic Machinery Plant, with several branch companies in China main land, one factory in Africa and one joint venture in Middle east, with registered capital 130 million RMB, is a leading manufacturer for whole PP woven bag production line, HDPE/LDPE bag making machinery and all relative accessories. Such as Tape production line, circular loom machine, lamination machine, printing machine, sewing&cutting machine, film blowing machine etc. We are unit of the Chamber of the Commerce[...]


[China]Plasic Circular Loom for PP woven bag

With nearly 30 years production history in PP woven bag machinery and some special technique as well as continually improvement , our circular looms are very popular in both domestic and international market. After continual innovation for the looms we have acquired many national patents, we have invented our Rolling Column style 6-shuttle circular loom machine, adopted newest technology rolling style with highest speed in the world now. Our new type of 6-shuttle loom has obtained a patent which[...]


[China]rotor for Elitex BD/BT spinning machinery

rotor cup treatment: anodize. rotor bearing: 40000rpm, 60000rpm, 80000rpm For Elitex BD200R/RC/RN/S/SN, BDA10N, BD20N, BDSI, BDA, etc.[...]


[China]WB series Micro cycloid pin wheel reducer

1. Mechanical principle: The planetary drive is adopted. The inner gearing reducer device is generated by the inner engagement of cycloid gear tooth and pin gear. And then the input rotational speed is reduced and output with an inverse coaxial direction. 2. Features: high speed ratio, smaller size due to the planetary drive, and no axial force. 3. Types of installation and output: base type, flange type installation, and output through solid shaft. 4. Type of input: coupled-type motor, input[...]


[China]4-color 4 station screen printing machine

Feature: 1.4 Color steel press with stand. 2.Rotating base and brass bushings. 3.Consistent front, back, left, right, high and low makes it easy 4.to use for multiple color prints. 5.There is literally no maintenance. 6.The head comes assembled & ready to attach to the base. 7.Location lock that helps lock the arm in place while in the printing position. 8.All Tubular Steel Construction. 9.Adjustable Screen Tension Hold Down. Parameter Color: 4 color station: 4 station Plate[...]


[China]The 18th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2017)

The 18th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ShanghaiTex 2017) focuses on the world’s latest innovative textile technology, high-growth application sectors and cross-border technology, thereby assisting industry to overcome challenges and spark new opportunities on the way to industry 4.0. In response to the "Customization" trend, ShanghaiTex 2017 contributes to the progressive realization of industry 4.0 through promotion of advancement in production, digitalization,[...]


[China]The 18th China Yiwu International Exhibition on Textile Machinery (YiwuTex 2017)

YiwuTex 2017 features three thematic zones – Functional Knitting Zone, Smart Apparel Zone and Digital Printing Zone. With the core value of Industry 4.0, we keep following innovative yarn and its applications, whist giving a brand new focus on the technology of healthcare textiles, prospective of the future Chinese factory and the application of data management into factory control, thus helping garment manufacturers in Zhejiang Province to enhance productivity and to save cost.[...]


[China]Surgical gauze weaving machine

Our this type of air jet loom is specially designed to weave medical gauze or cotton gauze. Traditionally, gauze is produced on shuttle loom or rapier loom. But their production efficiency is pretty low, and high labor cost. With our new air jet loom for gauze, such problem will be long gone. Weaving Speed: 500RPM Output: above 800 meters/24hrs Labor: 1 worker can handle 4-8 sets Power consumption: low Yarn range: 20s-40s[...]