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[China]Automatic Massage Chair GS-970B

Features: 1) With two electric handles 2) With deluxe shiatsu back massage, with automatic massage programs, can be selected to provide a complete full body massage experience 3) With vibration points in the middle of seat, which create realistic professional massage sensation 4) Automatically adjusts to users' height to accurately locate acupressure points 5) Remote control with detailed user friendly LCD display and easy used auto function options with simple "one[...]


[China]Massage Chair GS-960C

Specifications: 1) Back and waist: fourteen kneading nodes 2) Buttocks: four kneading heads, two vibrating motors 3) Thigh: four kneading nodes 4) Calf: two sets of clipping mechanisms Features: 1) The back curve clinging streamline design is in accordance with ergonomic principle, which may enhance the massage efficiency, promote blood circulation and lessen aches and fatigues 2) Microcomputer intelligent control: automatic and manual control options; you can experience various massage[...]


[China]Automatic Massage Chair GS-970

Features: 1) Moving function with two electric hands offers you such enjoyable experience as being massaged by a master 2) Two vibration points on the thigh creates realistic professional massage sense 3) Built-in air bags provide professional kneading on the muscles to relieve tension and aches, covering feet, calves, legs, seat and the back area 4) Automatically adjusts angle to the users' height to accurately locate acupressure points 5) Remote control with detailed user friendly[...]


[China]Massage Chair (GS-860A)

Specifications: 1) Neck: two kneading nodes 2) Shoulder: four kneading nodes 3) Back: eight kneading nodes 4) Buttocks: two vibrating motors 5) Thigh: four kneading nodes 6) Leg: two sets of clipping mechanisms 7) Automatic lifting of backrest and calf support Features: 1) Made with German technology, can automatically adjust the angle with easier and more convenient operation 2) Can offer all directional massage, kneading and shaking to the neck, shoulders,back,waist,[...]


[China]Luxury massage chair (SHM-988)

1. Classical, fashion and luxury massage chair applies LCD which shows whole positions of human body on blue screen. And backrest and calf part of chair can be up and down automatically. 2. The backrest of massage chair applies up and down and four- wheel drive devices. There are six kinds of massage ways which are same as by human hand, such as pressing, kneading ,tapping, knocking, and kneading and tapping together. Under hand operation, there are three choices whole massage, fixing point[...]


[Marokko]Royal Wardrobe

A great workmanship piece of our culture.Royal wardrobe has two doors, the shelves offer enough space.Two drawers in the bottom. A golden color crown on the top. Yellow, red and green are the main colors of this beautiful piece of art. It is a knock out...[...]


[Marokko]Marrakech Door

All hand made and painted double door. It is made of cedar which ensures a longer life, decorative and functional. The painting served to bring out sculptural effects. You can see this door in hotels, palaces,... Othe colors and sizes are available.[...]


[Marokko]Engraved Cedar Ceiling With Lemon Wood

Various techniques are used to creat this beautiful ceiling. This great work is made by masters artisans, it is a special order. We will be glad to make your own special order.[...]


[Marokko]Moorish Fountain

This beautiful fountain is hand made and painted by moroccan artisans. It is a decorative item that brings a unique tone, made of cedar and has beautiful painting based on geometrical design. We are glad to customize other colors, designs and sizes.[...]



Drawer QA13H MDF Chest Drawer with Antique-finished Knob and Ring Pull, Suitable for Interior Use Material: MDF Five drawers with antique-finished knob and ring pull Hand-painted decoration round top edge Dimension: 1000X508X889 Suitable for hotels and interior use[...]