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[China]Fiberglass mesh

Offering a variety of fiberglass mesh as follows: 12x12mesh, 14x14mesh, 16x16mesh, 16x14mesh, 18x14mesh, 18x16mesh, etc. The other mesh is optional or according to the requirements of customers.[...]


[Südkorean]Sell Refractory bricks

We, Garion International Ltd., are one of the leading companies in Korea since our establishment in 1980's. Our product range includes mineral & mineral products for various industrial use such as Refractory, Chemicals, Ceramic & Fine Ceramic use, Metal & Metal parts, etc. We have enjoyed good reputation with our competitive products in our domestic and abroad market. And we have good relationship with several worldwire refractory companies on the basis of our sincereness[...]


[Deutschland]poliuretan sandwich-panls

We offer the poliuretan sandwich-panls for wall and roof in first and two quality.transport to building site is posible.we have a stake in collaboration with the dealer and nt customer. please contact us in polish,german or english[...]


[China]CAZ-AF104 DF Twisted Asbestos Rope

CAZ-AF104 DF Twisted Asbestos Rope is twisted with two or more strands of dust free asbestos fiber yarn, Extensively used as caulking, sealing and heat insulation materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems.products. Metallic wire reinforced on request. Temp.: ≤550℃ Specs.: 6.0mm~50mm Packing: 10kg/roll, 50kg/bag[...]


[China]sell Ceramic Fiber Modules

Ceramic Fiber Modules Andy Company offers a complete line of ceramic fiber module systems for insulating process heating equipment. Andy Company offer a comprehensive range of solutions including application-specific refractory ceramic fiber compositions, attachment anchoring systems, construction design services, and module installation services. CHARACTERISTIC:   Low bulk density   Low thermal conductivity   Resistance to heat-shock   Resistance to airspeed[...]


[China]sell ceramic fiber paper

INTRODUCE:   Andy Company CERAMIC FIBER PAPER is made from ceramic fiber with mixing of binders. The paper is smooth and withy and can be cut into suitable lengths.        CHARACTERISTIC:   Less shot content   Fibers are bonded by organic binder   Low density and low thermal conductivity   Asbestos free   Convenient producing and installing Good thermal stability[...]


[China]sell ceramic fiber textile

Andy Company Ceramic Fiber Cloth (tape, rope, yarn) is a thermal fabric woven from Ceramic Fiber Yarn. Characteristic: Non-combustible Excellent abrasion resistance Low thermal conductivity Asbestos free Application: High temperature static seal e.g. door joint or gaskets for flanges. Fire protection e.g. fires proof curtain against welding spark. Asbestos substitute For manufacturing of safety product e.g. safety gloves or apron. Expansion joint Pipe or round[...]



Andy Company Ceramic Fiber Board is made of Alumino-Silicate fibrous wool by vacuum forming process. Characteristic: Fibers are bonded by binder Low density and low thermal conductivity Shorter heat up and cool down time Resilience and resistance to thermal shock Greater mechanical strength Can withstand gas flow velocity of 30 m/sec Even density, thickness Flexible and easy to cut or install Asbestos free Application: Furnace with high temperature and high gas flow velocity[...]


[China]ceramic fiber bulk

Andy Company Ceramic Fiber Bulk is made of high purity Alumino-Silicate (and Zirconia). Characteristic: Loose Non-combustible Lubricated Resilience Light weight Low thermal conductivity Asbestos free Application: Expansion joint seal Process of secondary product e.g. Isowool blanket paper, felt, fiber reinforced metal casing, compound and vacuum board or shapes[...]


[China]sell Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Andy Company supplies ceramic fiber blanket products in a wide range of temperature and density compositions, as well as thickness and roll widths. They typically contain no organic materials that could contaminate furnace atmospheres at elevated temperatures. Common characteristics of ceramic fiber blanket are: Low thermal conductivity Excellent thermal shock resistance Low heat storage capacity[...]