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[Deutschland]poliuretan sandwich-panls

We offer the poliuretan sandwich-panls for wall and roof in first and two quality.transport to building site is posible.we have a stake in collaboration with the dealer and nt customer. please contact us in polish,german or english[...]


[China]concertina wire

Material: hot galvanized razor, high carbon steel wire. Type : BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO- 18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, BTO-65. Others according to clients requirements. barbed tape has been widely used by many countries in military field, prisons, detention houses, government buildings and other national security facilities. Recently years, barbed tape has apparently become the most popular high-class fencing wire for not only military and national security applications, but also for cottage and society[...]


[China]Euro fence

Material: Low carbon steel wire, PVC coated wire Processing: PVC coated after welding of steel wire. Electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing or PVC coating can be done separately. Application: Euro fence is used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc. Property: Good corrosion resistance, antiaging, nice appearance, easy and quick installation. The specification for the clients requirements[...]


[China]Insulated Sandwich Panel ,

Name :1150 tongue and groove insulation sandwich board Category of product: Insulated Sandwich Panel Size of product: Effective width:1150mm   Thickness:50 75 100 150 200 250 Length:specified according to users requirements,project requirements and shipping conditions. Message of product: widely used in purification factory building and cold storage projects,etc,e.g. medicine,food,beverage,vegetable preserving,large cold storage,etc. for interior decoration. [...]


[China]Fiberglass Yarn-ECG150 1/0 0.7Z

[APPLICATION] 1.Applying for exterior wheel or veil wheel of automotive; 2.Applying for rubber reinforced products; 3.Applying for weaving all kinds of insulation and reinforcement:fabric,sleeve,tape,mesh,insect screen,sunshade fabric etc. [PROPERTIES] 1.Steady and averaged filament density; 2.Magnificent protectability of sizing,low fuzz; 3.Good filament tensile force.[...]


[China]Fiberglass Yarn-ECG37 1/0 0.7Z

[APPLICATION] Applying for bulked roving and weaving. [PROPERTIES] 1. Steady and averaged filament density; 2. Excellent protectability for sizing, low fuzz; 3. Good yarn tensile force; 4. Easy to bulked,few fiber loss weigth.[...]


[China]Needled Felt

All our products used of inorganic E-glass fiber, the main ingredient is SiO2 and Al2O3, all products had selected and the quality control to make sure that the product had the same use characteristics, and to supply safety and efficiently production for customer, the products-used-fiberglass material and high gaps between fibers made it excellent for in insulation heat and superior sound, it's no binder use to another wool product and can bear high temperature and had no any un-benefit, it's also[...]



Es wird 2 Wahl von Sandwichplatten des deutschen Herstellers Thyssen Krupp und Arcelor mit Polyurethn und Mineralwolleglass angeboten. Verschiedene Sorten, Farben, Modelle stehen Ihnen zum Auswahl. Besuchen Sie bitte unsere Homepage unter www.alltag-bauelemente.de Wir würden Ihnen gerne ein persöhnliches Angbot vorbereiten. Wir stehen Ihnen jederzeit zur Verfügung[...]


[China]PVC foam board

Supply PVC foam board in different sizes, If you have interest, pls feel free to contact us[...]


[Türkei]Multipurpose Thermocoat (Heat, Water, Sound)

Thermocoat has high resistance against fire in addition to being heat, water and sound insulation. Therefore it provides extensive and multiporpuse services with a single invesments. Heating: This product provides saving up to% 50 from heating and the cooling costs. Water: The water absorption value of the product is% less% 2, 5 after 60 days, so there is no need to use an additional product for water insulation. Sound: If it is applied a 3 cm totla thickness, it counteracts high frequency[...]