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[China]Roofing Tiles

Apexstone specialize in fabricating granite tiles. 1. The stone color including grey granite color, red granite color, black granite color, green granite color, blue granite color, yellow marble color, beige marble color. 2. The material of granite color are available for chinese granite color, brazil granite color, indian granite color. 3. The size are available for 305x305x10mm, 600x400x15mm, 600x600x20mm, 400x400x10mm, etc. 4. Surface finish: polishing, hone, flamed, bush-hammer, natural-split,[...]


[China]water reed

Dear all: we can supply high quality water reed for you. our water reed mainly to used in roofing[...]


[China]Ceiling T-Bar

Height x width (mm) Connmon main tee:38 x 24,32 x 24,26x 24 Connmon cross tee(m):26 x 24,24 x 24 Connmon cross tee(s):26x24,24 x 24,20x24 Wall angle:23x 23[...]


[China]pc hollow sheet

Polycarbonate twin-wall sheet 1 specifications: 1) Thickness:3.5 ,4,6,8 ,10,12 14 2)width :standard width is 2.1m ,1.28m,0.68m 3)length :standard lenghth is 5800 mm & 11800 4)color:clear ,Blue Green ,opal ,Brown etc Special specification and color can be custom-made . Features of pc sheets : 1) good light transmission : reaches 12%-88% depend on color and thickness. 2)Impact resistance :2500-300 times that of ordinary glass and 20-30 times that of acrylic sheeting 3) Weather resistance[...]


[Polen]Roofing materials - tile sheets

Water lapping at the shore, gently swaying cornfields in an August breeze, waves like the enthusiastic rhythmic waves of the arms of spectators – the form is always a reflection of nature. When this form is reproduced to steel, a stiff and durable profile with a pleasant appearance is achieved. The efficiently stiffening wave form makes it possible to use light steel sheet weighting only 5 kilos/ m2. These roofing materials are light to handle, and the roof weight doesn’t stress the frame[...]


[Tschechien]Trapezial metal plate for mantle and roof constructions.

Trapezial metal plate for mantle and roof constructions. We're ready to you add in first-rate quality full assortment high - quality trapezial metal plate. Material - steel, aluminum, stainless steel . Color list according to RAL. Send your concrete specifications - we you send price offer. Demand please to e - mail.[...]


[Polen]Membrane DachGam

DachGam roofing membrane is a new-generation roofing designed for flat roofs in both new-built and refurbished buildings. - DachGam S - non-reinforced roofing membrane. Supplementary material designed for roof finishing: corners, additional roof furniture and roof areas subject to significant deformation (expansion). - DachGam SZ - roofing membrane with a polyester mesh reinforcement. Basic roofing material designed for flat roofs in office buildings, industrial facilities and warehouses. The[...]


[Deutschland]poliuretan sandwich-panls

We offer the poliuretan sandwich-panls for wall and roof in first and two quality.transport to building site is posible.we have a stake in collaboration with the dealer and nt customer. please contact us in polish,german or english[...]


[China]fiberglass mesh

The alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh is made from C-glass or E-glass woven fabric, then coated acrylic or resin. It Provide excellent alkali, impact, crack resistance, good cohesion and excellent coating in a variety of applications. these fabrics combine engineer performance with long-term durability. It is widely used as the reinforcement fabrics for stucco, concrete rendering and as the basic mesh for mosaic or EIFS. (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems.) The weight is available from 40g/m2-------600g/m2. mesh[...]


[China]fiberglass tissue

Fiberglass tissue is a non woven felt made of randomly oriented glass fibers distributed in a special binder by a wet-lay process. This material is used in composite surface applications. It adds smoothness, luster, and cleanliness of color to the surface - and it improves water resistance and durability of the product. Ideal for reinforcement of flooring and roof materials Application:.  Toptex Series fiberglass tissue is available in a variety of densities and reinforcement spacing options.[...]