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[China]Bed elevator

1) Bed elevator shows consideration for medical needs and is humanized designed 2) Its super-smooth moving provides quiet and comfort for patients 3) Its fine structure shows care for patients and warm color improves the confident for patients 4) It adopts advanced technology and introduces the newest VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) speed regulation system 5) It absolutely satisfies the needs of modern society and the needs of the physical conditions of patients 6)[...]


[China]Passenger elevator

1) Adopts the internationally advanced VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) AC speed regulation technology 2) It is safe, reliable, smooth, and comfortable 3) The elevator is computer-controlled and easy to operate 4) It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, stores, office buildings, and residential buildings[...]


[China]Freight elevator

1) Designed with complete types and specifications 2) It has original and unique structure, and is good making 3) It complies with the latest process standards and related rules 4) It has h current two-speed electric towage 5) The structure is simple and maintenance easy 6) The elevator is fitting for passengers and freight and is economical and convenient 7) The car design is applied computer optimization technology 8) It is spacious, bright, economical and efficient[...]


[China]Observation elevator

1) Computer-aided design 2) Luxurious appearance 3) With full range of specifications[...]


[Taiwan]Harbor Wharf Level Luffing Cranes

The latest European designed harbor and wharf level luffing tower crane for the harbor ship all bulk cargoes, shipping hatches, scrap, loading and unloading. The crane capacity 20 tons to 60 tons or others capacity, lift, speed and arm reach to be designed and made by request. The full inverter motor drives and morden digit control system.ISO 9001 approved maufacturing.[...]


[Indien]Electric chain hoist

Electrically operated chain hoist is a simple but robust and safe hoisting machine incorporating only a few parts which are perfectly machined and assembled to ensure safe reliable and trouble free service for a long time. The hoist is of enclosed design. All moving and bearing parts are free from dust enhancing the hoist life.[...]


[Vietnam]Aardwolf Lifters

The Aardwolf Lifters are compact clamp-lifters for stone slabs of up to 75mm thickness and have a SWL of 1000 Kgs. Traditional devices require a great deal of room to engage the inner face of the slab, which places the slab out of balance and could injure the operator. The Aardwolf Lifters requires only a small movement of the slab to engage and grip the slab, which is generally well below the overbalance angle thus eliminating the danger to the operator. These lifters allows for close[...]


[China]eye safety hook

G80 chain components,used to lifting the load, one part of the chain sling or wire rope sling,with CE marks, passed EN1677 tests, and get the certification for this.Manufactured in China.best price with high quality[...]


[China]Sell Tower Crane (QTZ40F)

For QTZ40F tower crane, main technical parameters are as follows: Item Parameters Metric lifting moment 40T. M Max. Lifting capacity 4T Rated lifting capacity in max. Working radius 0.8T Working radius 3.0-45M Independent 32M Hoisting height Attachment 100M. Hoisting speed 70/35M/min Slewing speed 0.63R/min Trolley speed 30/20M/min Climbing speed 0.7M/min Counter-balance 8.4T Weight Stationary structure 20.5T Total Power 21.1KW.[...]


[China]crane tower

Dear Sir, We are leading manufacture for crane tower,mini excavator,wheel loader and 2nd hand machinery of construction so if you interested in our products pls don't hesitate to reply me for details BR Mark Zeng'[...]