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[China]money tray

money tray , cash tray, melamine cash tray, melamine money tray,[...]


[China]ash tray

ash tray, melamine ashtray, we have much more shapes in our company ,pls contact our sales for any enquiry.[...]


[China]plastic injection molded parts with surface painting, molded plastic parts, assembly

These are two set of surface painting plastic molded parts. If you want to make some similar parts, please send us your drawings or samples.Our factory offer OEM service. We will offer you our best price according to your detailed requiement. Shanghai Seven Mold provides our customers One Stop Tooling and Manufacturing Service for plastic injection molded molding moulded moulding and metal stamping parts. Besides these services, we also offer secondary operation to meet different requirements[...]


[China]Customized Plastic injection molds--parts for Benz

Makin Industry is a professional factory can produce all kinds of plastic injection parts according to your requirements, as well as plastic injection molds. Most of our products and molds are exported to EU and USA, we mainly produce auto plastic parts, electronic parts, daily use products... If you need precision molds, plastic injection molding parts, please contract us with more details and let us know your requirements, our team will work out the best quotation for you, thank you.[...]


[China]Overmolding of Plastic Box

1) Material: ABS, PC, PVC, PET, PP, POM, PPE, PMMA, Nylon, TPE, TPR, etc.. 2) Workmanship: Secondary operations such as silk screening or pad printing or spray-painting can be used to add graphics to these parts. 3) Application fields: electronics packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, stationery packaging, hardware tools packaging, gift and craft packaging, food packaging, etc.. 4) Manufactured according to customer's specific designs and requirements[...]


[China]Metal Insert Molding of Pump Impeller

Plastic Material: NORYL* RESIN SE1GFN3 Metal Material: Stainless Steel Shaft Mould Type: 3 - Plate Cavity Number: 1X1 Injection type: Pin-point Gate Ejection type: Stripper Plate Surface Finishing: Polishing Machine Tonnage: 80T (Vertical injection machine) Cycle Time: 40S[...]


[China]100% virgin PTFE sheet, PTFE plate with white, black color

Physical character: made by moulded or skived with high quality polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) material. It is the best polymer material of chemical resistance in all knows plastic material. With excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, dielectric properties and lowest coefficient of fraction in all know solid materials, PTFE sheet can be widely used as corrosion-resistant linings, seals, gasket, guide, electric insulate parts and bearing pads for bridgeIt does not[...]


[China]Cast Acrylic Sheet

We, BoDo Industrial Inc., manufacture the Cast Acrylic Sheet, we have the good quality and very competitive prices, now we are looking for the foreign distributors, please contact us if you are interested. --- Cast Acrylic Sheet --- Introduction Cast Acrylic (PMMA) Sheet has the best physical properties among plastic, the main component is polymethyl methacrylate, it is widely used in the building, advertisement and decoration. Features 1. Excellent transparency. 2. Good mechanical[...]


[China]Polyimide film (kapton HN,kapton FN,kapton tape)

We could supply belows: 1. polyimide film(kapton) with thickness: 1mil,2mil,3mil,5mil,etc., width:10mm-1000 mm,widely used in electrical and electronic industry; 2.fep polyimide film(Kapton FN) made of polyimide film coated by Fep on one side or double sides with thickness:0.0375mm-0.12mm,widely used in electromagnetic wire, high temperature-resisting wire for electrical insulation, and other fields needing PI self-sticking through heating 3. polyimide film adhesive tape(kapton tape) made[...]


[China]selling tile pattern tile grid

wonda mosaic tile setting grid is used to make different tile pattern uniformly and very quickly.They have the joint between 1mm to 3mm. The depth between 1.2 to 4mm. we can specially make the grids for you. Just think of the pattern you need, we can make for you soon.And it'will enhance your tile work speed efficiently. There are hundreds of mosaic pattern making grids in our stock.[...]