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[China]PVC Check Valve

Valve Type: Check Valve Material: PVC Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS Size: 15mm-200mm Pressure: 1.0MPa Smaller size(15mm-40mm) can be used vertically only. Larger ones(50mm-150mm) can be used both vertically and horizontally.[...]


[China]PVC Footvalve

Valve Type: PVC Foot Valve Material: PVC Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS Size: 15mm-200mm[...]


[China]Fiberglas Masche

Appliction: Zement, Plastik, Asphalt, Marmor, Deckenventilator, Innen-und ohutside Wand usw. Merkmale: Hohe strenth, ausgezeichnete Alkali-& Säurebeständigkeit, starke Haftung mit Harz, einfach dissolutionin styrence, mit Top-Steifigkeit, häufig als ideale Verstärkung Material. Spec: 5x5mm, 6x6mm, 10x10mm, etc. Erhältlich Serie; Alkali-resistente Mesh-, Wasser-Nachweis Masche, Flammschutzmittel Masche, Maschen für die Verstärkung von Schmirgelpapier Lenkrad, usw. Farbe,[...]


[China]Safety Relief Valve

Product Description Product Name: Safety & Relief Valve Place of Origin: China Features: 1) Design Standard: A) Basic Design: ANSI B16.5, API 526 B) Test: API 527 2) Products Range: A) Size: 1/4" ~ 12" B) Rating: ANSI 150Lb ~ 2500Lb C) Body materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel 3) Application: Oil & gas processing, refinery, chemical, petrochemical, power plant Packing: Wooden case We can supply a wide range of butterfly[...]


[China]DIN Safety Valves (900 Series)

900 series DIN safety valves Full bore type D/G(Vapour/Gas) Standard type F(Liquid) 900 series DIN standard safety valves are mainly applied for such mediums as petroleum & natural gas, chemistry, electric, metallury & burning gas. As the super-pressure protection equipment, with precision of action, good recycling function, it can be turned back fast to seat and maintain convenience.[...]


[China]Back-Flow Safety Valve (AHN42F-P18)

This valve is mounted on the liquid refluence pipeline of the pan pump's outlet of the liquified petroleum gas station,when front pump pressure exceeds the stipulated value,the valve will open automatically to returen the liquid safe so that ensures the safe operation of equipments and pipelines.[...]


[China]sell the knife gate valves,dome valves

Dear Sir: I am very pleased to introduce myself to you. We are the professional hardware and metal products manufacturer and trading exporter. We are exporting hardware and plastic products according to samples or drawings from our customers. Especially we have advantage in the non-standard hardware, it include: precision machining parts, Stamping parts, Die-casting parts, Plastic Injection parts,moulds,valves, etc. We export these products to USA, Japan, Europe, and Germany, etc. We have own[...]



[China]Gate valve

Gate valve /brass compressed gate valve/brass welding cut-off valve size :1/2-4 material: brass iron handle handle: steel/zinc plated/brass/plastic/ stainless steel/ aluminum made in Yuhuan, China 100% quality manufacturing[...]


[Polen]Manometer cock with threaded sockets

Cocks are designed for installation of manometers on water-pipe networks and systems of other neutral liquids at temperature up to 393 K (120°C).[...]


[Polen]Manometer needle brass stop valve PN 10.0 MPa

Valves are designed for water and air systems and other non-aggressive fluids of nominal pressure PN 10 MPa and temperature up to 393 K (120°C).[...]