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[China]Pet supplies

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of PET SUPPLIES. There are wide varieties and specifications to meet your need. Also if you have the special need about the products, we can also make it according to your introductions. So if you are interested in any kind of our products, please contact with us at once. We would like to give you our best service. We can provide our customers not only the good products but also the competitive price and excellent service.[...]


[China]Pet carding comb&blade

Functions and Features This product is the professional pet de-shedding tool. It can effectively removes dirt, particles and dead hair from the undercoat and the top coat, and increase blood circulation, help with metabolism, relief fatigue as well. Its exquisite appearance makes it light and agile, and we also have a very comfortable handle. Instructions 1/Use after bathing when hair is dry 2/Rake brush towards the clockwise gently can remove the undercoat. 3/Clean the comb thoroughly and[...]


[China]The newfashioned Replaceable Blade Pet Rake Brush

Functions and features The innovative PET replaceable blade brush is newfashioned a de-shedding tool. It includes four different sizes stainless steel blade to fit all coat sizes. The 50mm ones are best for small sizes pets. The 66mm and 76mm ones are best for medium sizes pets. The 100mm ones are best for large sizes pets. It is the easiest, most effective way, to groom dogs and cats. Instructions Use after bathing when hair is dry Rake blade towards the clockwise gently before using the de-shedding[...]


[China]2-IN-1 pet rake brush

2-in-1 PET Grooming Brush is a de-shedding tool and rake brush combined into one! It is the easiest, most effective way, to groom dogs and cats. The product includes not only a stainless steel de-shedding brush but also a rake brush. To change from one to the other, all you have to do is flip over the brush! 2-in-1 PET Grooming Brush was developed by pet professionals. So unlike other brushes that can break coat hair, leaving it brittle and uneven in appearance, it easily grabs and removes[...]


[China]Pet nail clipper

pet nail clippers are made of quality stainless for long lasting sharpness. They help you to trim nails easily. A safety stopper helps prevent over-cutting. The large and thick blade versions are for heavy-duty work. The thinner blade version can be used for lighter work. Instructions: 1. Do not cut off too much nail each time. If pets' nails are long, cut off a small portion and wait for 7 to 10days before cutting again. Repeat cutting every 7 to 10 days until nails are cut to desired length. 2.[...]


[China]Pet Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The innovative Pet Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is made of high-impact plastic and fine wire bristles. Its retractable pins can effective save your cleaning-up-time and ensure a more sanitary grooming experiences with excellent results despite minimal effort. It is designed to penetrate deeply into the pet coat in order to remove mats and tangles. It is ideal for long-coated or dual-coated pets of all sizes. FUNCTIONS: 1. Eases tangles and mats. 2. Removes dead hair from undercoat and top coat. 3.[...]


[China]Leather pet bed

leather pet bed,we have two sizes:84×120×25cm 71×89×25cm[...]


[Taiwan]Reptile Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

RCL-150W Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter *Ceramic Heating Device-idea for heating all types of reptile, amphibian and plant terrariums or vivariums. For 50 to 100 gallon Terrariums. *Heating element encapsulated in a ceramic sleeve to eliminate moisture corrosion and deterioration, increase the operation lifetime and safety. *Non-Light Emitting-to allow proper “photo periods” for your animals. Insulated Neck-for maximum heat directed efficiency and burn life. Lasts up[...]


[Taiwan]Aquarium Internal Power Filter

*Internal Power Filter *Powerful output & high filter efficiency. *Submersible in fresh or salt water. *Muti-purpose & superior design. *Lower energy consumption. *Produce a lot of air silently. *Large volume capacity. CAP-200F: 200L/HR (52.8GPH) CAP-400F: 400L/HR (105.7GPH) CAP-600F: 600L/HR (158.5GPH)[...]


[China]Pet moving toy

Pet moving toy. Plush material,with vibration mechanism , Your pet will enjoy it. Different designs: mouse, Jitter mouse, fish, shell, spider, ladybug.[...]