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[China]Fumaric Acid

White crystal, fruit sourness, burn -21/22mt/fcl Fumaric Acid 25kgs net bags packing L/C at sight payment or T/T against copy documents We have been dealing Fumaric Acid on large quantity for many years and can assure you of stable and competitive supply. Your early reply will be highly appreciated and your inquiries are welcome. Best regards[...]


[China]sodium cyclamate

Both sodium cyclamate-NF13 and sodium cyclamate-CP95 are in confirmation with GB12488-95A, B.[...]


[China]Citric acid

The product confirms to BP98,USP24,GB1987-2007[...]


[China]Soy lecithin

We are the chinese leading exorpter of the soy lecithin. Our company is well konwn among the reputed customers of aquaculture feed in Southeast Asia and food industry of middle east, Africa and Australia. We specilized in suplying the soy lecithin 1. Crude Soya Lecithin Liquid 2. Modified Soya Lecithin (Feed Grade, Industrial Grade) 3. Soya Lecithin Powder and Granular (Food/Feed Grade, PC-Lecithin) 4. NON-GMO soy lecithin food grade We also export the soya protein isolate and concentarte and TSP.[...]


[China]Helium gas

Helium is used for many purposes that require some of its unique properties, such as its low boiling point, low density, low solubility, high thermal conductivity, or inertness. Of the 2008 world helium total production of about 32 million kg (193 million standard cubic meters) helium per year, the largest use (about 22% of the total in 2008) is in cryogenic applications, most of which involves cooling the superconducting magnets in medical MRI scanners. Other major uses (totalling to about 78% of[...]


[Iran]Slack wax, Heavy Slack wax, Light slack wax

We are exporter of Slack wax. We export Heavy Slack wax, Light slack wax . Our selling Heavy Slack wax, Light slack wax used as blending components or waterproofing agents in the manufacture of various industrial products such as candles, polishes, matches, inks, carbon paper and externally can be applied as good dust suppressants or controlled-release agents for various chemical and fertilizers.[...]



Wide offer of refrigerants: R404A, R134a, R507, R22, R407C, R401A (MP39), R600A, R410A, R413A, R417A, R422A. Sells in refillable and disposable bottles, tontanks and small bottles up to 1 kg.[...]


[China]Glyoxylic acid

We are the most competitive manufacturer for Glyoxylic acid in China with 1st Class quality as well as the bottom price. Our supply capacity can be 11000mt-20000mt annually. The glyoxylic acid specifications can be as following: Glyoxal can be 0.5% Max , 1.0% Max , 1.25%Max. Oxalic acid can be 0.25%Max, 1.0%Max, 1.5%Max. Nitric acid can be 0.15%Max, 0.2%Max, 2.0%. CL Ion can be 20ppm Max, 50ppm Max. The Content can be 40%Min, 50%Min, 90%Min. If you have requirements PLS donot hesitate to contact[...]


[China]Sell water finding paste Kolor kut water indicating paste

DDC Measre Limited is produce marine oil measuring tool,marine stores, marine hardware such as water finding paste,gasoline gauging paste,oil measuring tape,oil dipping Tapes, sampling bottle,sampling line etc. 1,About DDC water finding paste: DDC water finding paste can be used with a oil measuring tape,oil gauging tape, oil dipping tape, rod or calibrated line to determine water or gasoline level. Our Modified paste cause the speed of reaction more fast, borderline of the level more[...]


[China]sell water finding paste,water indicating paste,oil water Gauging Paste,Kolor kut

Yiwu D.D.C. Measure Limited is located in Yiwu-the biggest global small commodity center in China,is a professional manufacturer of petroleum testing and gauging products.We provide complete series of water finding paste,gasoline gauging paste,oil measuring tape, sampling bottle,parallel ruller and sampling line etc. The products are widely used in petroleum exploitation,petroleum storage,gas station,oil tanker,chemistry industry etc.They are manufactured through ISSA/IMPA. The company[...]