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[China]Sell tripod turnstile flap gate WD1220E

Product Description 1. Operation: a) Two directions controlled/one direction controlled. b) LED direction indicator. c) Flowing Speed: 50 people/minute in the opening mode. 30 people/minute in the closing mode. d) Illegal invasion sound alarm. e) Anti-strike function. f) Keep open/close status when the power supply fails. 2. Multi interface control mode: 1) Dry contact: DC12V, 10 mA. 2) RS485 interface. 3) Pulse voltage signal, more than 100ms 3. Passageway:[...]


[China]Sell tripod turnstile swing gate WD1815

Specifications︰ 1. Dimension: 1200x280x1000mm 2. Passageway width: 600-1000mm 3. Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz/ AC110V, 60Hz (option) 4. Operating environment: -25 ℃~+60 ℃, RH: less than 95% 5. Operation a) Opening/closing time: 0.8s b) Two directions controlled c) Flap arm can be in the open/close status. d) Flowing speed: 50 people/minute in the opening status. e) Illegal invasion sound and light alarm. f) Keep open/close status when the power supply fails. g) LED direction[...]


[China]Sell full high turnstile WD1611

Specifications︰ WD1611 1.Allow only one-way rotation either clockwise or counterclockwise, and the direction is set during fabrication. 2.The rotation interval is 120 degree. 3.Machanical key switch is used to lock/unclock rotation direction. 4.Electronic control board can connect any access control device with dry contact interface. 5.Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ 6.Operation environment: -15℃-+60℃,RH:less than 95% 7.Dimensions are 2185mm high, 1525mm[...]


[China]Cable seal HS032

General Characteristics: This product is totally complied with ISO PAS 17712.Standard diameters are from 1.6mm-5.0mm.Its pull load is more than 3.5KN. Customization: User company logo can be moulded on the bottom of the plastic body.The sequential number is laser engraved. Any color available.[...]

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[China]Plastic pull tight seal HS4035 HS4045

General Characteristics: This product is totally complied with ISO PAS 17712.It is made of plastic.It needs more than 0.4KN to break. Total length: HS4035 350mm HS4045 450mm. Customization: User coporate logo can be moulded on the back of the seal.The sequential number is hot stampled. Any color available.[...]

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[Südkorean]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : DA-3000M

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : DA-3000M 1. Special Features - Simple and Simple design (34 x 103 x25mm) - 3 digit display with backlit LCD - FDA approved hygienic disposable mouthpiece - Indication of the number of times the unit has been utilized - Low battery and low breath flow alerts - Automatic Power-off 2. Specifications - Indication of B.A.C. : 0.00 to 0.40 %BAC/0.00 ~ 2.00mg/l - Accuracy : +/- 0.01%BAC at 0.1%BAC at 25'C - Warm up time : within 20 seconds - Response[...]


[Südkorean]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000 Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-CA-2000 (Korean Origin) 1. Specifications : 1)Sensor :Highly selective oxide-semiconductor sensor 2)Size :120 x 60 x 25 mm 3)Weight :200 grams 4)Housing :Shock resistant, molded plastic 5)Response time :3 sec. 6)Warm up time :20 sec. 7)Recovery time(sensor purge):30 sec. 8)Battery life :Over 300 tests 9)Battery :9V alkaline 10)External power supply :12V DC adapter 11)Accuracy :+- 0.01% at 0.10% BAC [...]


[Südkorean]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-DA-5000

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : HD-DA-5000 1. Specifications : a)Method of Measure : Breath sample to %BAC, g/liter or mg/liter b)Range : 0.00% ~ 0.40% 3)Accuracy : +-0.01%BAC at 0.1%BAC 4)Warm up : 18~25 seconds 5)Response time : Less than 5 seconds 6)Recycle time : 10 seconds 7)Sensor : Oxide semiconductor 8)Power : Two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries(included) 9)Display : 3-digit LED 10)Size(mm) : 59 x 116 x 27(mm) 11)Weight : 105g 12)Testing Capacity : Approx. 200~300 with fresh[...]


[Südkorean]Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : CA-2010

Alcohol Testers (Detectors) : CA-2010 1. Specifications : *Sensor :Highly selective semi-conductor oxide alcohol sensor *Size :123 x 56 x 23 mm *Weight :111 grams (with battery & mouthpiece) *Response time :3 ~5 sec. *Warm up time :20 sec. *Battery :9V alkaline *External power supply :12V DC adapter *Accuracy :+- 0.10mg/ml(Promile) at 1.00mg/ml (Promile) *Calibration :BAC simulator *Display :Dual color LCD backlight *Working temp. :+10'C ~ +40'C *Storage temp. :0'C ~ +50'C *Certificate[...]


[Hong-Kong]Plastic barrier

Our company was set up in 2000, and since then, we have been selling traffic safety products. Now, we mainly supply the reflective road studs, delineators, reflective traffic cones, plastic traffic posts, PE drums, barricade warning lights, LED traffic batons, LED flashing signs, rubber road humps, wheel stoppers, corner protectors, plastic barriers, solar markers & reflective signs. In addition to the traffic safety products, our company recently developed a new product line of photo-luminous[...]