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Business type: Manufacturer
Business type: Exporter,
Number of employees: Brak danych
Annual sales value: Brak danych
Established year: 2002

Food & Beverages

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Welcome to Indiana s.r.o. in Prague, Czech Republic We would like to introduce our new Indiana company, the only one in the Czech Republic. For the long time we tried to found out some product what we can´t buy in our country, maybe in the whole Europe. After so many years of experience, hard work in the food business and travel around the world, we finally made a decision to start making „ the best INDIANA MEAT JERKY IN EUROPE“. Hopefully, you too will become one of the many who say: „ Your jerky still passes the test and is the best“.

The history of jerky dried meat, has been around for 1000 ´s of years. The native Americans as well as the Spanish would hang thick strips (or jerked meat jerky) of salted venison or other wild game, on or near their homes. Later on, the American cowboys would use this time – tasted principle on wild game and domesticated cattle. Growing up in this part of the country (west) jerky is as common as eating peanuts.

Jerky is pieces of dry smoked meat product, in the past decade is the most popular selling snack on market in the USA. Not only because of very low fat and calory, but the taste and shelf life stays for six months. Everybody who is on the road, on the bike, or hicking, fishing, skiing, even the cosmonauts from 1997 taking a few pounds of final Frontier Jerky on Space ship.

Because fresh jerky is lightweight, tastes great, and has high food – value. These features make it an excellent food for use in anywhere! Our jerky is 96% fat free and only natural preservatives are added. After you consume 25 g of jerky is a same as nutrition value as you eat 60g meat. That means about 49% of protein helps recuperativ your imunit system with very low % of cholesterol.

Address data

Street:Na Lysině 25
City:Praha 4
Postal code:147 00
Country:Czech Republic
Phone: +420 2 61227762
Fax: +420 2 61227767


Contact person

Name and Surname: Ivana Jourova
Phone: +420 2 61227762
Mobile: +420 777235025