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[Poland]Antifog additive - foils

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POLMAST Antifog PM 30090-AF is a concentrate of antifog agent reducing the negative effects of vapor condensation on the surface of foil. Applying the antifog additive results in condensation of vapor on the foil surface in the manner of an equally formed layer, thereby preventing the formation of droplets.

It is particularly designed for making gardening foils (vegetable tunnels), food wrapping foils, kitchen foils. Hence, proper storage is in order.

The benefits of application:
* Reduction in amount of vapor condensation on the surface of foil in the shape of droplets – improved translucence of foil
* Long-term action
* Accelerated growth of plants
* Improved productivity of plantation (shorter way to market for produce)
* Compatibility with PP, PE, EVA (up to 8% VAC)
* Visible content in wrapped foodstuffs (no condensation of vapor on foil surface in the shape of separate water droplets)

Contact with food:
PM 30090-AF may not be used in production of goods coming into contact with food.

POLMAST Antifog PM 30090-AF is shipped in normalized and palletized 20kg sacks wrapped up in stretch foil.
Per Customer order, the package weight can be modified.

The suggested storage time is 3 months.
The product should be stored in a cool and dry place unexposed to solar rays.
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