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Kyrgyzcentreproduct Ltd more

Land: Kyrgyzstan
Region: Kyrgyzstan
Ort: Bishkek
Straße: 94 Gogol str
Telefon: +996 312 436062
Fax: +996 312 436062
Firm Rank: 0
"KYRGYZCENTREPRODUCT" LTD is a leading and a reliable manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products produced in Kyrgyzstan, was founded in 2009. Our Company specializes in Kidney Beans, Dried Fruits, Walnuts, Fresh Vegetables and Meat. Our headquarter is located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and we provide professional export services for our worldwide clients. Our factories, warehouses and farms are located in Talas Province, a big agrocultural province of the beans production of[...]