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Multi-COM Sp. z o.o.

[Polen]Martech SIEM USB BOX II PLUS + x65 activation

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Martech SIEM USB BOX II PLUS + TESTPOINT ADAPTER v3.0 + x65 activation are special hardware + software that are working on special Martech protection Box that allows to work on all new Siemens phones withtou any problem . From now one it's only few seconds to check waht it's wrong, repair phone and return it to your customer. We guarante FREE updates and full technical support and help for all our customers till moment when changes in new phones (firmware or hardware) - will be not too big. You can unlock and repair any of this phones without unmount any component.

OUR COMPANY MULTI-COM LTD. IT'S AUTORIZED COMPANY BY MARTECH TEAM FOR SELLING THEIR BOXEX. With BOX II + TESTPOINT ADAPTER v3.0 and SIEM Service Tools you can access all "new BootCore" phones WITHOUT CUTTING TRACKS, AND REMOVING CPU BALLS!!! You need to connect easy TestPoints only (using special TestPoint cable). It's really very easy to use...
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