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Shenzhen Xinlong Plastic Products Manufactory

[China]Steam O Belt

Steam O Belt The Steam o Belt work so well so quickly. It makes you sweat. Sweat away kilograms. Sweat away centimeters. Sweat away those clothes sizes. The moist steam produces more sweat in less time than any other system you've ever seen. Plus, it takes care of your skin. You'll immediately see real result with no effort. And the best part is you can target the areas you need to work on. Abs, love handles, hips, waist, buns, thighs. The Steam O Belt is easy to use. Tou just put it[...]

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[China]Card size magnifier with light

The Card size Magnifier with light is an amazing credit card sized magnifier with light. Its small size makes it easy to use and carry in your wallet, purse or pocket. Now you can have magnification and light when and where you need it. Imagine, no more squinting. No more eyestrain. Are you tired of not being able to read the fine print or not being able to read menus? The Credit card size Magnifier with light is the perfect solution to your problem. You'll easily be able to read menus, phone books,[...]

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[China]Digital Video Pen

5 generation!! –digital video pen Mini Interview Recorder Item Parameters Video format AVI Video encoding M-JPEG Video resolution 640*480 VGA Video frame rate 30fps ± 1 fps Media playing software Attached software of the operating system or Mainstream audio and video media playing software, recommend Kmplayer Picture format JPG Picture pixels 8M Pix The ratio of image 4:3 Supporting system Windows me/2000/xp/2003 vista;Mac OS10.4; charge[...]

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