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Apexway Products Corp.

[Taiwan]Baggage Trailer Solid Tire

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APEXWAY is able to supply Solid Tires and Wheels for Airport Grounding Support Equipment, Baggage Trolley, Baggage Cart.

- Application: Baggage Trolley, Baggage Cart, Baggage Trailer, Luggage Cart, Luggage Trolley, Luggage Trailer for Airport.

- Airport Working Tire (GSE Tire) Size:
1.) 4.00-8, 480-8
2.) 16x5-9

- Airport Working Wheel Rim Size:
1.) 8x3.75, 9x3.50

Wheel assy for OEM available.
If you feel more interested, welcome to contact us.
APEXWAY is your best choice.
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Additional information:

Place of origin:Taiwan
Price:Ask for price
Minimum order:152


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