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[Polen]Dyeing bottles

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Our many years’ experience in providing color masterbatches for production of bottles has allowed us to develop optimized products fine tuned to meet your requirements.

In our offer we have an assortment of most popular standard colours for dyeing of bottles.

We also develop colors tailored to meet our Customers’ special requirements together with a complete Price-to-Effect Ratio® analysis and full aftersale technical support.

In our base we have more than 15 000 recipes of colors fine developed for our Customers.

Our concentrates fulfill the requirements of the 94/62/EC Directive to the extent of heavy metal and harmful and hazardous substances content levels.

The benefits of application:
* Heavy duty dyeing
* High durability of dyeing
* Photo resistance
* Endurance to weather (dampness, temperature, air pollution, salt)
* High compatibility with dyed polymer
* Resistance to migration to media getting into contact
* Control of the phenomena of nucleation and warping of goods
* Easy emptying of injection mould
* Low cost of dyeing.

Dosed feeding:
The dosing of the concentrate depends upon the required degree of dyeing intensity and thickness of a HA products’ walls. For a typical 1.5mm-thick wall the suggested dosing should be in the range of 1-2% of the concentrate.

POLMAST Color is shipped in normalized and palletized 20kg sacks.
Per customer order, the package weight can be modified.

The suggested storage time is 3 months.
The product should be stored in a cool and dry place unexposed to solar rays.
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