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TOP-PROJEKT sp. z o.o.

[Polen]Self-locking arms

Self-locking suction arms ensure the best extract of air pollutions on working stand in direct, close to emission place. Application of self-stopping joint as well as elastic pipes ensure easy placing of nozzle close to pollution source. Diversity of nozzles as regards diameter, construction and pipes leading make possible to adjust extracting stands to own needs resulting from the scope of works made.[...]


[Polen]Universal exhaust sets

Designed with care about working conditions on individual stands, used for air dust-gas exhaust arising on work stands from point emission. Pollution location direct from source of rise is assured by easy to place self-locking arm with nozzle. Operating range of device lets to reach nozzle to pollution emission zone under developments and technical equipment. Construct solutions are connection of needs of large range with easy to operate also in crowd working places.[...]


[Polen]Organic Odors Neutralization Method

This is a modern method which neutralize disagreeable odors. It consists of odor oxidation in the strong stream of ozone. Underneath we present block diagram of installation. Examples of use: 1. Sewage-treatment plants and pumping plants: Pumping plants in housing estate. The installation consists of preliminary filter “1”, ozone generator “2” and final filter with the built-in fan “3”. The installation is made of as slow-suction with extra conduit which sucks in the air from[...]


[Polen]Exhaust of grinding dusts

Passable exhaust of grinding dry dusts is equipped with bag filter as well as 4 cassette filters ensure filtrating effectiveness >90% (EU 5), find application in grinding, edging, pouring in different industrial branches. capacity ok. 800 m3/h compression 1600 Pa filtering surface 3 m2 chamber capacity 100 l engine - 0,55 kW – 220 V lub 3x 380 V filtering efficiency EU 5 (> 90%) velocity of air flow through device side surface max. 0,25 m/s noise level 64 dB ventilator typ[...]