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[Polen]Dessert Sabrina

"Ananas" Bezeichnung: Quarkkuchen auf kalte Art mit Ananas Zusammensetzung: Cremequark, Ananas, Zucker, Obstgelee, getrocknete Südfrüchte, Schweinegelatine, natürliches Orangearoma. Kühl lagern. Nettgewicht: 160g. Haltbar bis: siehe Datum auf der Verpackung. Polnisches Produkt. "Pfirsich" Bezeichnung: Quarkkuchen auf kalte Art mit Pfirsich. Zusammensetzung: Cremequark, Pfirsich, Zucker, Obstgelee, getrocknete Südfrüchte, Schweinegelatine, natürliches[...]

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Old Amsterdam ist sehr reif goud¹ von reich und der starke Geschmack. Der Geschmack dieser blieb geführt zu der Vollkommenheit Dank der regelmäßigen Kontrolle, welcher deren ist eingegeben durch ganzen Periode des Reifens des Käses. schließlich erhalten wir der Käse der sehr hohen Qualität. Bestätigt das der Titel, welchem Old Amsterdam blieb uhonorowany in Frankreich „Premier Der Grand Cru Classe\\\" - anerkannte man Old Amsterdam für beste reife goudê. Old Amsterdam vortrefflich[...]



We are producers and suppliers of WHOLE MILK POWDER AND SKIMMED MILK POWDER of very good quality good for human consumption and we sell at affordable CIF and FOB price .Our supply capacity is 5000MT per month and 18MT minimum. We are looking for interesting customers to establish a long lasting business relation with our buyers. Contact us if interested.[...]


[China]sell Non dairy creamer

Product effect: ■improves the tea soup color and luster, making the bright color that it has a silk ■represses the tea soup bitter taste, covering up bad smell ■ provides purely natural and thick fragrant milk flavor, don't incre-ase the artificial fragrance extract ■Through build the product of the empress of the grain to hurtle to a-djust sex better ■Higher egg white content, provide the better sex price ratio ■eating lubricate, the taste is heavy The quality[...]



Homogeniser model OGA is designed for cream butter homogenisation in creameries, enterprises as well as in refrigerated storages installed in the packing of butter, produced by churning. Homogenizer OGA is designed to homogenize churned butter and process bulk butter before pre-packaging. Homogenizer is a rotary of continuous action. Technical characteristics: Maximum output capacity- 1600 kg/h Output adjustment- smooth Dimensions- 1850x720x1430 mm Weight- 900 kg[...]



Spanish high quality Cheese of different types and with Origin Denomination certificate[...]


[Kanada]Whey Protein

We are a leading importer and distributor of dairy products in Canada. Whey Protein is a soluble milk protein manufactured from fresh cheese whey using an ultra-filtration process. Whey Protein is ideal for health drinks due to the high nutritional value. Whey Protein Isolate WPI90 Whey Protein Concentrate WPC80 Whey Powders We sell whey protein concentrate, isolate in bulk order. We also can do customs formulation for your private label brand. Contact us for free quotes.[...]


[Polen]milk powder, butter

we offer to sell: milk powders: -full cream milk powder 26% fat - skimmed milk powder 1,25, 1, 5% fat - buuter non-salted Please send your request for quotation. Best regards. Joseph[...]


[Italien]buffalo mozzarella cheese

I am sure you have tried buffalo mozzarella; perhaps you have had it fresh in Italy. Our area (Battipaglia) is the epicentre of the world for this product. Tons and tons are air freighted daily (at a enormous cost due to the high cost of air freight and the cost of flying more than 120 % extra weight in the form of water) from Naples & Rome to northern Europe, USA & Canada. And tons and tons are tossed in the garbage a few days later because it was not sold. In Italy if you do not eat[...]



Avaialble rennets: Animal: from kid goat, lamb and calf our rennet is available in powder (pw), liquid (l) and paste (pa) and tablets (ta). Non-animal: microbial and pure chymosin. Available pw and l. Our rennets are available in a wide range of concentration.[...]