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[China]ZHGQYT-0511 Inflatable life jacket

EN396:1993/A1:1998 design and manufacture, and in accordance with international standards MSC.81 (70) related requirements. Small size, light weight, comfortable, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of water life-saving cruise ship operators, leisure life-saving can also be used as personal protective equipment.[...]


[China]Cleanroom wipers

Cleanroom Wiper, polyester wiper, M3 wiper Polydon Wipe is constructed from 100% Polyester, textured filament yarns stitched in double-knit, no-run interlock pattern. Cleanroom laundered and packaged in ISO Class 4, it is ideal for critical environment application. Features 1. 100% Polyester Double-Knit. 2. Cleanroom Laundered and Packaged in Double Bag. 3. Variety of sizes and packing option. 4. Low in both Particles and Extractables. 5. Abrasion and Chemical Resistant. 6. Good[...]


[China]Fingerprint Lock 2

Features: 1. Secured locking method: Three secured locking methods which include fingerprint, password, and mechanical key to make your life safer. 2. Advanced technology: ① With CMOS optic sensor which features digital signal output and anti-interface to ensure easy and reliable fingerprint reading. ② Easy locked with handle up. ③ Digital display makes the operation much convenient and easy. 3. Warning function: ① low power warning ② unlock warning ③ open unauthorized warming 4.[...]


[China]Security seals

Item no. BS001 Main Application: Containers, railway cars, truck trailers, cargo car etc. Raw Material: Steel pin and covered with ABS plastic Colors : Red, yellow, green, blue, white Printing: The sequential number and logo is laser engraved. Tensile strength: More than 10KN[...]


[China]Stainless steel band clamp

Stainless steel band clamps is mainly used for attaching cable, grounding conductors and electrification railway, pole of telecommunication, traffic lights and sign pole, and other parts must be fastened or securely connected, According to our own test (Vertical Load Test and horizontal load test) our product outperforms many of its competitors in quality. Our Stainless steel band clamps is consisted of belt, clamp, ratchet wheel and so on. The clamp is made of high quality 1mm thickness stainless[...]


[China]DoorScope,door viewer,Door scope for buyers on Sale

The safety door viewer is a revolutionary product which virtually eliminates the conventional Peephole.With Door Viewer,you don't have to approach the door nor strain to see visitor through peephole any more, because you receive a sharp clear image of the outside visitor up to seven feet away from inside your door. Hole size: 2 3/8",2 1/8",1 3/4" Color available: Gold,Silver,Black[...]


[China]non residue tamper evident security stickers

These stickers seal firmly to most surface. When it is removed, no matter partially or completely, the word VOID will be shown in the sticker and/or on the package.[...]


[China]Card Lock, Rf Lock, Electronic Lock, Hotel Lock, Mifare Lock,Temic5557

A. System Construction ONLENSE set of locks, computer, management software, Encoder, T5557card or Mifare-1 card, RF energy saving switch. B. Multiple functions 1. Five levels of control: General control, building control, floor control, area control and room control. 2. Password control: System password and operating password together to ensure security. 3. Cipher coding to key card: Each card has a different code that cannot be copied. Compulsory decoding will destroy the card[...]


[Hong-Kong]Accounting Management Offshore

We specialize in Registrations of : Tailor-made Company, Shelf Company, BVIs, WFOE plus Notary Services and Apostille Stamping at times. Our team of consultants comprise accountants, solicitors, and notary publics. Our associate partners are carefully selected for their expertise, integrity, and wealth of experience. The accounting and auditing fees will depend on the time consumption and the complexity of the case, i.e. number of transactions (accounting services) and volume of turnover (auditing[...]


[China]Plastic chain,Plastic stanchions, warning chain,Link Chains,clothes-drying chains, clothing chains ,

Plastic chain,Plastic stanchions, warning chain,Link Chains,clothes-drying chains, clothing chains ,Plastic Post,Plasti-Chain Plastic S-Hook,post,roadblocks, traffic cones, protective equipment, safety facilities, highway facilities, fire-fighting supplies, chain isolated areas indicate that the safety labeling, consumer goods, daily necessities, reflective cones, chains, road construction safety facilities, parking equipment, security equipment, traffic signs. Road vehicles, the licensing orientation,[...]