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[China]Portable LED night light

LED Portable Night Light is a brand new fashionable product that entirely overturns the domination of common lights. The secret lies in the 100-hour battery life, the unique wrist rope design, which is convenient for outdoor use, and the four stylish colors available. These features have extended its functionality and application scope to the utmost extent. It's not just a light, but a furniture ornament and a fashionable adornment also. Enjoy the suitability for all possible situations: toilet[...]


[China]christmas tree

Fiber Christmas Tree The plastic pine needle optical fibe Christmas tree is a new product emerging in recent years and is more like the natural pine tree in the aspects of texture ,appearance,color and etc. Compared with the tradition PVC rubberized plastic Christmas tree, and is a new generation ide- alreplacement for the natural pine tree. These is the trend of the market requirement in the future years. The 3-10 feet optical fiber pine needle Christmas tree produced by our factory can[...]


[China]Signal Light

Voltage 3V(two no.1 batterys) Flashing Color red or orange Package Size 482*275*255(mm) Package Number 50 G.W. 6.125(Kg) Remarks Shiny-body(LED Continuous used about twenty nights I Super-high bright LED lamp with long span is used as source. II Raliable electrode contact III The pattern of bind conditioner gear IV Control and contract five points Rubber waterproof ring that resists oil,acid and base is used. V Stainless-steel spring is[...]


[China]The portable solar lighting

crust:adopts thermoplastic ABS resin,thansparent portion uses imported A S highly transparent resin.Luminated material embeded in the handle, the switch is stepless light adjustment type liminotrons:6LED (highly bright luminotrons) batteries:2Ni-Mhaa600mAn chargeable storage.1.2V it can be permanently used without replacing any part only by putting it in the place with light 8 hours"charging under the sun for illumination of 1.5-2 hours fully charging of the storage batteries for[...]


[China]Mini Solar Flashlight

Crust: the enclosure is made of the imported with original packaging AS high transparent resin The internal strcture is made of ABS resin Dimensions: 7 x 4.1 x 2.1cm Linotrons LED Illumination brightness: above 12,000mcd Batteries: low 1.2V/80mA Ni-MH environmental protection rechargeable storage batteries The smallest pattern of the solar product series Can be matched with all kinds of key rings Adopts 4V solar panel Maximum current is 30mA Charging under the sun[...]


[China]LED warning light

LED warning light, signal light, rotary vehicle light, safety alarm light, 9 in 1 LED light Using high-capacity battery CR123 as power, built-in IC chip control LED flash, this light has 9 user-selectable flash patterns: ROTATE, double blink, single blink, alternative, SOS (morse code) for rescue, solid-on (high) , solid-on (low) , 2LED flashlight and 4LED flashlight. 1, Warning Signal Visible up to Half a Mile 2, Compact and highly visible can replace bulky triangle fixtures 3, Contains[...]


[China]The Solar multi-function lamp

crust:adopts thermoplastic ABS resin color:spray-paint of silver gray liminotrons:4LED illumination brightness of each:100000-12000mcd batteries:4chargeable storage.1.2V.capacity:600mA 6 hours'cjarging under the sun for normal usage of 3 hours Fully charging of the storage berreries for normal usage of 7-9 hours also it can charge the chargeable storage battery of AA NO.15 Size: 10.5x9.5x3.8cm[...]


[China]Outdoor full color led display P20mm

• Pixel pitch: 20mm • Pixel configuration: 2R1PG1PB • Pixel resolution: 2500(dots)/m2 • LED chip: U.S.A • LED applied: red, green, blue • Wavelength of LED: red: 620 to 630, green: 520 to 530, blue: 460 to 470 • Luminance density: ≥5500cd/m2 • Viewing angle: o Horizontal: 120 degrees o Elevation: 15 degrees o Depression: 45 degrees • Driving method: static constant in electric current driving • Driving IC: Japan TB62726 • Display color: 16,777,216 • Working[...]


[China]LED Tube T8/T10

LED TUBE T8/T10 8W-22W 600MM 1200MM 1500MM Features: ◆ use the clear PC material which can be recycled to protect the envirronment ◆ 60% energy saving to the traditional fluorescent high brightness ◆ extend life to 5 years ◆ special design of the angle view ◆ Can replace traditional tube T8/T10 directly ◆ instant on high shock and vibration resistance, no buzzing ◆ direct fit to the EM ballast and electronic ballast ◆ special circuit design, when single LED destroyed.[...]


[China]LED bulb 5W-7W

Wattage: 5W/7W replace 45W/60W incandescent lamp Base type: E26、E27 Working Temperature: -25~40 ℃ Output Lumen: 480--520LM Viewing angle is 120° Colr temperature: 2700-6500K Min. CRI: 80 Power factor: 0.9 size:Ф60* 114mm[...]