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Land: Indien

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[Indien]Sell Black Galaxy Granite

Granite Polished Slabs / Gang Saw Slabs / Kitchen Counter tops / Vanity Tops / Granite Monuments / Cemetery Structures / Tomb Stones / Fire Places, Raw Granite Blocks, Granite Wall & Flooring Tiles Paving Stone / Paving Slabs / Kerb Stones / Garden Flooring Special orders of above are delivered on made to order basis to client’s requirements[...]


[Indien]Bathroom Washbasin SInk

This is madeout of single piece of high quality granite of length from 60cm to 300cm and width from 40cm to 60cm and height of the bowl is 15cm. This can be fixed in bathroom cabinets and available in many colours like , Black Galaxy, Absolute Black,Paradiso,Redmulty colour, Visak Blue,and in require material. It has life time durability and come with three holes one center the second is overflow hole and the third is tap hole. The total thickness of the sinks is maintaine 30mm thick including[...]


[Indien]granite from india

aravali india has the world class quality of granites from india, marbles from india, slate tiles and slate stone from india, sandstone from india. Manufacturing and exporting the granite slabs, granite tiles, marble slabs, marble tiles, slate tiles from india[...]


[Indien]SandStone from India

We process and export SandStone,Granites ,Slates and Marbles from India. WE export in all forms like Blocks,Slabs,Tiles,Pavers and Fascia etc... For our product catalogue Plz. visit our website.[...]


[Indien]Verde Guatemala

We are Processors and Exporters of Stone products from India. We export VerdeGuatemala, Marble, Granites, SandStone and slates from India in all forms like Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Cut to size, Pavers, Fascia etc.... For our product catalogue plz visit our website.[...]


[Indien]Tan Brown

Tan Brown Indian Granites in big quantities[...]


[Indien]Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue in big quantities[...]


[Indien]Stone Jharokha

We introduce this yellow stone from jaisalmer India very famous it is available in any size like 12" x 24",15" x 30",24" x 48" big as per required size. It is very beautiful look we can hang in room, lobby, entrance etc.[...]


[Indien]Sandstones, Quartzite Stones, Slates

We can supply many types of Sandstones, Quartzite Stones, Slate Stones etc Like. RED CHOCOLAT,WHITE CHOCOLAT,AUTUMN GREY,MONSOON GREEN AND YELLOW GLADE.We can get blocks as well as slabs/tiles and natural split antiskid surface of the same.This group has over 2000 hectares of quarries with additional colors like Absolute black,Milk white,yellows etc as well as sand stone.The potential here is huge as quantities are no problems.We can use for cladding as well as outdoor land scaping etc.[...]


[Indien]Granite Blocks, Slabs & Tiles

We can supply different varieties of Indian Granite Rough Blocks, Finished Granite Slabs and Tiles and Kitchen counter tops and other related Granite Items. Main Materials are Ruby Red, Pg Red, NH Red, Mudugal Grey, Hassan Green, Absolute Blacks, Chamraj Nagar Black, Kashmir Gold, Kashmir White, Ghibli Gold, Colombo Juprana, Shiva Gold, Yellow Fantasy, Lady Dream,Kanakpura Black, Jet Black, Tan Brown, Black Glaxy, Sapphire Blue, Sapphire Brown, Maple Red, Red Multi Colour, Paradiso, Indian[...]