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[Südkorean]Edge stone veneer for exterior and landscape.

Edge stone with beautiful texture and polished sense has excellent natural beauty, so it makes your house tasteful. SIZE : 120X30X25~450X110X80T[...]


[China]electronic bidet

The electronic bidets are designed specially for women daily hygiene, washing meticulously, and preventing the infection of bacterium, etc. Moreover, the electronic bidet is a very beneficial product to health. Daily use of electronic bidet has been proven to reduce the chance of contracting haemorrhoids, constipation, gastrointestinal cancers, prostatitis, urinary tract infections, and gynaecologic problems. Also it aids in blood circulation and physiologic rhythm making a complete essential for[...]


[Bulgarien]Sell Road construction and marking materials

Road construction and marking materials: - Traffic paints and diluents - Luminescent beads - Highway fencing wire and forifying metal construction - hydroinsulation materials and geotextile[...]


[Bulgarien]Offer construction wires, fencing, electrodes

We offer also : - nails,welding and construction wires - fencing - electrodes,disks - polymer,silicate and silicon coating - latex,electroinsulation paints,protective coating,autopaints, fireproof paints - hydroprotective pastes - industrial and building glues[...]


[China]Color Waterproof grout

1.Cement-based water proofing grouting 2.Mixed with water, produces a soft, creamy, easily worked mortar with good filling properties, enabling deep joints to be filled in one operation. 3.Exclusive sanitized biocides 4.Effetive,lasting protection against mould and mildew 5.16 colors avaliable The hardened grout is weather resistant, suitable for internal and external use in dry or wet conditions, including swimming pools with non-aggressive water conditions. It is also suitable for[...]


[China]U shape polymer concrete drainage channel

Made of polymer concrete With sealable channel groove With reinforced edge protection Loading classes: A15-F900 to EN1433 Total height: 150mm-300mm Total width: 130mm-150mm Length: 1000mm[...]


[China]integrated linear drainage channel manufacturer

Product Feature Raw material: polymer concrete channel Parts: channels, sump and other accessories Internal width: 100mm, 200mm, 300mm Loadclass: F900[...]


[China]brickslot drain system gap linear drainage trench

Raw material: base-polymer concrete Gap grating-galvanized steel or stainless steel Parts: polymer concrete base,sump, access hole Internal width: 100mm, or 150mm Gap Grating: with middle gap or with side gap Internal size of the gap: 15mm Gap height: with middle gap- 75mm, 100mm, 150mm With side gap- 100mm, 150mm[...]


[China]Single Deflection and Double Deflection Grille

Single deflection and double deflection grilles are made from aluminum extrusions with a crimped and welded frame, and adjustable blades in natural anodized and powder coated colors. They are used in sidewall applications. Standard sizes: 300x100, 300x150, 350x150, 400x150, 400x200, 450x175, 600x150. Standard colour: natural anodize or powder coated white.[...]


[Taiwan]Polyester knitted geogrids

PET knitted geogrids coated with PVC, ranging from 30~650kN/m, with high tensile Strengths in low elongations. It has a stronger mechanical interlock, conjunction points and excellent friction. What we can supply you is not only good quality products but with competitive pricing as well. Samples, specs, and physical properties are available with F. O. C. Once requesting. Your OEM products are welcome to us. Contact us now for more info you demand.[...]