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[China]christmas decorative led string lighting

Specification Voltage Power Color Price($) " 50 lights/5m ball:Φ17mm" 220V 3W "RGB 6.1 fast flash" 220V 3W "Red,Yellow, 5.6 Blue,Green, Warm White,Pure White,Purple,Pink" "50 lights/5m ball:Φ23mm" 220V 3W "RGB 8.4 [...]


[China]best sale christmas string 4cm ball string

Name Specification Voltage Power Unit Color Price($) 4cm ball 20 lights /5m 220v 15w String "White,Blue, 14.5 string Green,Red, Pink,Yellow, Warm White RGB 19[...]


[China]rotating crystal rgb led bulb E27

Style Price not voice-activated $4.30 voice-actived $4.80 voice-actived and with remote controller $6.70 Parameter Base:E27 (E26 ,B22) Power:3W Voltage:85-260V 50-60hz Size:ø80*160mm Color of new style:Rose Red Fruit Green Sapphire blue Milky[...]


[China]party disco rotating crystal rgb led bulb

not voice-activated $3.80 voice-actived $4.30 Base:E27 (E26 ,B22) Power:3W Voltage:85-260V 50-60hz Size:ø80*160mm[...]


[Hong-Kong]Offer to buy Philips 23~25W Prismatic energy saving lamp

We are looking for European made Philips energy saving lamp as follow : Philips Prismatic SL-25 25W 230V E27 / B22 827, or Philips Prismatic SL-E 23W 230V E27 / B22 827 energy saving lamp. Origin made in Poland or Germany. Other than Polish or German made item will not be accepted. Quantity : 500 to 1000 units. Destination Port : Hong Kong. Incoterms : CnF Hong Kong or what you can offer. Condition requirement : [1] Supplier must be able offer a physical sample or samples for genuine[...]


[Malaysia]Agent for Furniture Products & Wood Handicrafts

Handcrafted furniture from Malaysian tropical woods (hardwood & softwood); eg meranti, cengal, nyatoh, sandalwood, acacia mangium, aracasia spp, belian, balau, merawan etc. All are handcrafted as per your request/order & designed the motive by our designer. Our intricate engravings are fashioned to Malay & International taste and preference; blended with Islamic, Hinduism, Buddha, Chinese and Natural Flowers. We are also supplying all kinds of furnitures, tables, chairs, sofa, cabinets,[...]


[China]Neueste Led Leuchtstofflicht Preisangebot

Handy:+86-13425112909 Phone:+86-0755-27899951 Skype:led27899962 " Neueste Led Leuchtstofflicht Preisangebot Nr. "Eingang Spannung" "AusgangSpannung" Helligkeit SMD/pcs Leistung Länge "Preis $/pcs" PX-26W 100-285V 36-80V 2200lm 2835/144 26W 1.8m 12.2 PX-22W 1800lm 2835/120 22W 1.5m 10.6 PX-18W 1500lm 2835/96 18W 1.2m 7.8 PX-14W 1200lm 2835/72 14W 0.9m 6.8 PX-8/9W [...]


[China]led Rampenlicht aus China

Macht Basis Größe Material Oberfläche Preis/USD 1W MR16 ¢32*H38mm Aluminum Silberoxid 2.7 E27 ¢32*H55mm 2.8 GU10 ¢32*H54mm 2.9 1W MR16 ¢35*H46mm Aluminum Silberoxid 2.8 E27 ¢35*H61mm 2.9 GU10 ¢35*H60mm 2.9 1W MR16 ¢50*H45mm Aluminum Silberoxid 3 E27 ¢50*H63mm 3.1 GU10 ¢50*H60mm 3.1 3W MR16 ¢50*H45mm Aluminum[...]


[China]neue led deckenleuchte

Macht Größe Loch Material Oberfläche Preis 1W ¢52*H19mm 44mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 3.4 1W ¢68*H25mm 56mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 3.8 3W ¢68*H25mm 56mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 4.4 3W ¢85*H45mm 71mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 3 3W ¢90*H45mm 75mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 5 9W ¢90*H70mm 75mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 7 9W ¢85*H70mm 71mm #6063 Aluminum Silberoxid 7 6W ¢106*H70mm 92mm #6063 Aluminum[...]


[China]2013 beliebte Aluminium-Druckguss LED Deckenleuchte

Aluminium-Druckguss LED ceiling light price list Nr. Größe Leistung Preis NS-THD-005 Durchmesser:90mm 3W 5.5 Loch:75cm "weisser Ring schwarzer Heizkörper" NS-THD-006 Durchmesser:110mm 5w 7.9 7W 10.2 Loch:90mm "weisser Ring schwarzer Heizkörper" NS-THD-007 Durchmesser:140mm "9w 13.4 [...]