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[China]Oil Purifier

Product Description ZJA Series Double-stage High-Vacuum Oil-Purifier Utilized the domestic and foreign technique and innovatively designed, the filter has a good ratio of price-performance. With the advantages of high working vacuum, high filtration speed, oil quality protection, the filter advanced the oil treatment technique and equipment performance and once can raise the puncture voltage up to over 35V. The series products can be installed by sealed regular or movable with a trailer, so[...]


[China]Collecting Dehydration Oil Purifying Equipment (JT Series)

Product Description Series of JT automatic Collecting-Dehydration Oil-Purifying equipment is designed to dehydrate the oil by use of filer assemblies and dehydration-filtering elements, which are separately made of hydrophilic and hydrophobic synthetic material. The plant can collect the free and emulsification water to become large drips to subside and drain them expediently. The plant also can demulsify, dehydrate and filter exactly. So they could filter water and impurities in turbine oil[...]


[China]Bright gloeien naadloze roestvrij stalen buizen

Bright gloeien roestvrij stalen buis in naadloze / hoge zuiverheid Electronic Polijsten roestvrij stalen buis Ontworpen voor kritische en zuiverheid toepassingen zoals de productie van halfgeleiders, hoge zuiverheid LSI's slang levering van gassen, chemicaliën en oplosmiddelen, of gebruik in ultra hoog vacuum leidingen voor het verminderen van gas tarief. Van geavanceerde productieprocessen, inclusief speciale kouddraadtrekkerij en koud pilgering, niet alleen precisie voor maten, maar ook verbeteren[...]


[China]Water Power Clock(NP-WC087A)

water Power Clock(NP-087A2)/gift clock/digital lcd clock/promotional gift item/decoration products 1.Save money on batteries and help eliminate the use of harmful chemicals with the clock that is powered by water! 2.The epitome of a greener gadget and sustainable design this Eco-Friendly clock is actually powered by the water. Without the need for batteries, the Eco-Friendly clock keeps perfect time as electrodes harvest energy from the water. All you have to do to make the clock run is fill[...]


[China]Selling solar fan cap, solar mobile charger, solar camping lantern, solar garden light, solar system, solar flashlight

Thanks for your interest in our products and supports to Century Sunshine Tech Co., Ltd.(HK) We are always committed to helping people learn about the benefits of solar and renewable energy, sustainable lifestyles and energy self-sufficiency that is free from environmental abuse. With a strong R&D center for development of new conceptions and patents utility,we are professional in offering the top quality products.Pls let us know your interested items and the wanted quantity to quote you. 1.[...]


[China]Turbine Oil Purifier series TY

Application The plants filter impurities in oil efficiently and improve the quality of the product rapidly. It is used for treating the unqualified turbine oil, especially the seriously emulsified turbine oil. This products, which can rapidly and effectively remove the water, gas and impurities, aim at turbine oil’s nature of high water content, easy emulsifiable and high impurity content, and make the oil recover the new oil’s nature. Features 1. The automatic systems include the automatic[...]


[China]High Vacuum Insulating Oil Recondition Machine/ Purifier/ Recycling/ Purification Machine

Application: Series ZYB is applied to purify and regenerate the used insulating oils includes transformer oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil and so on. It can remove water, gas, particle, free carbon, deep oxides and so on. Also it can recover the oil color. After treating, the used insulating oil can reach international standard and recover its original function. Features: 1. Besides the common vacuum oil purifier's function of dewatering, degassing and eliminating impurities, this machine[...]


[Portugal]Solar Panel

We are able to suply all kind of solar panels ( dimention and powers , solar equipment as controler , bateries, inverters ( 12V, 24v, 48v to 230 VAC ). Solar PV systems for stand alone use, or conectin with your local power network.[...]


[Polen]Sludge dryer - low temperature

Low temperature sludge dryer (40oC), low energy consumption 330 kWh to remove 1000 l of water. Running principle - heat pump[...]


[Indien]Titanium MMO Anode and Platinized Niobium & Titanium Anodes

Manufacturer and Exporter of *Titanium MMO Anodes and Platinized Niobium & Titanium Anodes availble in different form like Sheet, Mesh, Tube, Rod, Strip, Ribbon, etc., and as per customer design. Those Anodes are using in the following Industries; #Chemical, Paper, Petro Chemical and Fertilizer Industries. #Electrical & Electronics Engineering Industries. #Metal Finishing, Electro Plating, Semi Conductors and PCB Industries. #Fluid and Instrumentation Engineering. #Drugs and Pharmaceutical[...]