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[Grossbritannien]For Sell Auto and truck battery Drained Lead Battery Scrap

*Detailed Selling Lead Description* We are active in sales: Auto and truck battery, Drained Lead Battery Scrap (As per ISRI Code” RAINS"),and we ship globally. We have 12,500 MT of Drained Dry Lead-Acid Batteries (RAINS) at our yard, *Drained dry whole intact lead batteries (free of acid liquid) (ISRI CODE: RAINS), *Lead Acid Batteries of White color only with P.P. material. *Not black batteries with ebonite material* *Major based Coun try UK and EUROPE. Regards John Evensen Battery Home Limited[...]


[China]Non-pressure integrated solar water heater

Features: 1. Reliable water tank quality: no leak, no corroding, no distortion even in severe winter. 2. Refuse incrustation: provide you more clean hot water. 3. In favor of your pocket: more efficiency per cost of your coin. 4. Higher efficiency absorb solar thermal:adopt three-layer heat collection techniques, capture maximum solar spectrum ray. 5. Instant starting up: high grade heat-transfer copper heat-pipe conduct thermal absolutely also immediately, even in cloudy weather condition. 6. Super[...]


[China]Thermosiphon solar water heater

Features: 1. Use in any time: it adopts advanced design idea and integrates with high efficiency preheated patent technique, so it can warm the cold water rapidly when it flows through special pipe. It can overcome the short of traditional SWH, such as sloe heating, long waiting time. 2. More capacity: we adopt special exchanging heat mode, it avoids mixed effect, so cold water can be heated at any moment. 3. Strong hydraulic pressure: the hydraulic pressure is same as tap water, it is very suitable[...]


[China]Flat plate solar water heater

Features: 1.Collector can be separated or connected with storage water tank. 2. The forge self-melt welded process offers the best combination of durability, strength, thermal conductivity and cost efficiency. 3. Since there are no solder, adhesive or mechanical joints--nothing to deteriorate with age and high temperature. The high-speed, high-frequency welding process can maintain the original strength of the hard-temper material. The corrugations on the fins provide added rigidity[...]


[China]Pressured integrated solar water heater

Features: 1. Higher efficiency absorb solar thermal:adopt three-layer heat collection techniques, capture maximum solar spectrum ray. 2. Instant starting up: high grade heat-transfer copper heat-pipe conduct thermal absolutely also immediately, even in cloudy weather condition. 3. Tightly sealed: adopt metallic sealing technology to guaranty every joint absolute insulation. 4. Super and strong heat preservation: using thick polyurethane foam , preserve thermal up to 72 hours. 5. Withstand pressure[...]


[China]Sell Best Car/Motor Engine Oil Purification System/Oil Recycling Plant

I. Range of Application LYE used engine oil regeneration system is particularly used in such industry as mines, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, mechanical manufacture in which lubrication oil like hydraulic oil, engine oil, cooling oil etc are used. Gas/Diesel engine oil used in the field of transportation like shipping, land-carriage etc. also can be treated with regeneration by LYE series machines. II. Product description LYE series oil filter machine can treat with regeneration[...]


[China]Sell Phosphate Ester Fire-resistance Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Chongqing ZN Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd Contact Person: Kiki Li There's more machinery on our websites. Visit us online or call us today for complete product specs. Your inquiries are highly welcomed at any time, we are ready to make a response very soon. APPLICATION: It is widely applied to phosphate ester fire-resistant oil system and mechanical equipment (oil filter machine). Our products are as follows : 1. Insulating oil purifier 1.1. Series ZY: Zhongneng vacuum insulation[...]


[China]Selling solar fan cap, solar mobile charger, solar camping lantern, solar garden light, solar system, solar flashlight

Thanks for your interest in our products and supports to Century Sunshine Tech Co., Ltd.(HK) We are always committed to helping people learn about the benefits of solar and renewable energy, sustainable lifestyles and energy self-sufficiency that is free from environmental abuse. With a strong R&D center for development of new conceptions and patents utility,we are professional in offering the top quality products.Pls let us know your interested items and the wanted quantity to quote you. 1.[...]


[China]Softening resin of cation ion exchange

001x7 softening resin is a GEL Type Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin having 7% cross linked polystyrene matrix with sulphonic acid as a functional group. The resin has good operational capacity under various raw water quality. It also provides better physical stability. The resin is supplied with standard beads size distribution to give optimum operating capacity with minimum leakages of ions and also minimum pressure drop across the resin bed. The resin is available in both Na+ and H+ form. 001x7[...]


[China]Ion Exchange Resin

201x7 Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin 201x7 is a Gel Type Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin based on polystyrene matrix with quaternary ammonium functional group. 201x7 gives high throughput and consistent quality. 201x7 resins in combination with 001x7 resins, gives excellent performance in mixed beds. 201x7 is high capacity resin which achieves lowest possible silica under varied water conditions. The resin is supplied in transparent moist bead form with high beads strength. The resin[...]