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[Polen]Waste Management

The mining, and minerals' treatment wastes, coal and lignite fired power plant ashes and FGD wastes, industrial wastes, and municipal wastes as well, have very often a large potential environmental impact. POLTEGOR-engineering Ltd. has been specializing in planning and designing of environmentally safe and cost-saving management and disposal of all the types of solid wastes. We are doing comprehensive designs of waste handling, disposal sites, storage yards including water and air monitoring systems,[...]


[China]Emulsified Vacuum Lubricant/Hydraulic Oil Purifier, Oil Filtration

Application Series TYA is special for purifying all kinds of lubricating oil such as the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, and heat treatment oil and so on. This machine can operate automatically (don’t need the person when it is working). According to the lubricating oil’s nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication oil, so guarantee lubricating system of machine to work properly and prolong lifetime of machine. Features 1.[...]


[China]Series JZS Engine oil recycling system

Application: Series JZS engine oil regeneration system is mainly for regenerating the waste engine oil, this equipment can effective separate water, gas, particles, deeply oxides, free carbon, colloid, asphalt and wax from oil, making black engine oil become transparent golden color. This equipment has the functions of dewatering, degassing, discolor. Improving the engine oil's properties, restoring the oil's performance and lowering wear to ensure the engine can work normally and safely, prolonging[...]


[China]Series TYA Lubricating oil recycling

Application: Series TYA vacuum lube oil purifier is mainly for purifying unqualified lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oils, this machine can rapidly separate water, gas, particles and volatile matter (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia, etc.) from oil, restoring oil viscosity, flash point and performance. The treated oil can reuse again in various industrial equipments. It is widely applied in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric[...]


[China]Series ZYD Double-stage vacuum transformer oil recycling

Application: Series ZYD insulating oil purifier is double-stage transformer oil purifier can quickly remove water, trace water, gas, particles as well as acetylene, hydrogen, methane and other harmful ingredients from oil effectively to improve oil’s dielectric strength, effectively making sure electric equipments working safely and normally. Series ZYD oil purifier is particularly suitable for treating high-grade transformer oil, super-voltage transformer oil and new transformer oil. It can be[...]


[Pakistan]salt crystal lamps (natural shapes)

Selling rock salt products. Our salt lamps weight range 2-5kgs, 5-7kgs, 7-10kgs. Please advise your interest.[...]


[China]120L Waste Bins

120L Waste Bins Item No.: B-120A Weight Capacity:120L. Size: 550*490*940mm, Max Load: 48Kg. Production Capacity: 38,000Pcs/Month, 20GP/40GP/40HQ: 500/900/1200Pcs. Polyethylene(PE) body, easy to move and lift, Environmentally friendly. Solid rubber Wheel with steel spring and locked pin, Corrosion resistant axle. Customized color and/or logo are available. As vendor of OTTO and ORBIS, MoveDar can offer you the reliable quality at reasonable price. Call us for the detail.[...]


[China]100L Plastic Dustbins

100L Plastic Dustbins Item No.: B-100A Weight Capacity:100L. Size: 530*475*800mm, Max Load: 40Kg. Production Capacity: 40,000Pcs/Month, 20GP/40GP/40HQ: 680/1350/1530Pcs. Polyethylene(PE) body, easy to move and lift. Environmentally friendly. Solid rubber Wheel with steel spring and locked pin, Corrosion resistant axle. Customized color and/or logo are available.[...]


[China]Ozone Generator Ozone output 10G/20G/30G/60G/100G for Packaging

Product Description: Our engineers have designed and manufactured the most reliable and effective ozone generator with Corona Discharge Technology. The Ozone Output range from 1g/hr to 2000g/hr . They are made from the highest quality and most durable material, and have highest energy efficiency(lowest watts used per gram of ozone produced) in the market. They also feature a highly efficient mass transfer system that achieves the highest concentrations of siddolved ozone. Our products can[...]


[Indien]soybean fatty acid oil

Soybean fatty acid oil, application for burning / heating. packing in iso tanks, flexibags & bulk[...]