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[China]CN Jadeblast

CN Jadeblast blasting abrasive consists of a totally naturally occurring blend of Green Almandine Rock Garnet and Red Almandine Rock Garnet, both known for natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics. CN Jadeblast is an ideal blasting abrasive free of any heavy metals or toxic components and meets all occupational health and safety requirements. The unique blend of Green Almandine Rock Garnet and Red Almandine Rock Garnet gives CN Jadeblast a superior cutting speed and surface profile[...]


[China]CN Garnet

CN Garnet are composed of natural Almandine rock garnet grains and has been famous for its natural hardness, more angular, sharper edges, durability and abrasive characteristics, that meet all Occupational Health and Safety requirements, as well as being environmentally inert. Benefiting from its natural almandine rock garnet mine resource in North China, CN Garnet abrasives provide a perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability ensuring optimum abrasive efficiency in terms of[...]


[Italien]Sell Calacatta Borghini LArge 2 cm Slabs

Calacata Borghini Large Slabs - October 2008 - 13 slabs equal to approx. 75,8 sqm of 299x195x2cm slabs - 5 random slabs of a total size equal to approx. 13,2 sqm For a total of 89 sqm @ 196USD/sqm For a total of 17.500 USD[...]


[China]offer granite and marble from China

Our company Unitedstone supply granite and marble from China with highest quality and competitive prices. Product description: 1)Thickness: 2cm, 3cm or other requirement 2)Surface:Polished,flamed honed or other requirement 3)Edge: eased, fully bull-nosed, laminated bull-nosed, ogee, or as per customers' requirements 4)Polishing degree: 90 degrees or up[...]


[Ägypten]Nitrous Oxide

We sell Nitrous Oxide in a very good price in 25 kg packing[...]


[China]Granite Vanity Top

All sizes and designs are available as per customers' individual requirement.[...]


[Ägypten]Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Nitrous Oxide, Hydrogen & Helium

We export Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Gas mixtures and high purity gases. We also produce valves for gas cylinders[...]


[China]Supply magnets

We are professional magnetic materials and magnetic applicant and magnetic toys manufacture and exporter company which has 18 years experience in selling and manufacturing strong magnets :Sintered NdFeB,bonded NdFeB SmCO,AlNiCo,Ferrite Rebber. New specifications are accepted to accommodate to customers’ designs and requirements. Samples stock are available to provide our clients with top quality products at competitive prices. Prompt delivery guaranteed. Unimag the reliable supplier you can rely on[...]


[Ägypten]White milky quartz

First of all we would like to introduce our self as an Egyptian manufacture and trade company working at the field of mining since 2002. So we can provide you by White Milky Quartz with any type of packaged you ask. Here under I'll give you some details about our products. 1- White Milky Quartz. H.S code:250610 CHEMICALS ANALYSIS ELEMENTS RESULT% SiO2 99.72 loss of ignition 0.19 Moisture 0.066 Al2O3 0.012 Fe2O3 0.0016 CaO 0.0023 MgO 0.0003 SIZE ANALYSIS It will be as[...]


[China]Sell Granite Tiles

All sizes and colors are available as per customers' individual requirement.[...]