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[China]Cylindrical roller bearings

The following models are available at competitive prices: NU series; NJ series; NUP series; N series; NF series; RNU series; RN series. For more details, kindly contact us.[...]

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[Spanien]SMI carton packer with shrink-wrap tunnel

Technical details Width: 1.70 mts Height: 2.60 mts Length: 12.30 mts Brand: SMI Model: SLK30 Manufacture year: 2000[...]



[China]Double side high transmission AR glass

1、Highest transmissivity is 99%, can increase the display brightness substantially, decrease the energy consumption. Enhance the display definition and crystal effect, make the picture more colorful and vividly. 2、Reflection lower than 1%, effectively weaken the shadow and the white picture caused by the background light, lessen the irritation of the eyes thus help to comfort the eyes by reduce the surrounding light. AR glass has eyes comfort function 3、Anti- ultraviolet rays light, help[...]


[China]Guilin Essence & Yangshuo 6 Days Muslim Tour

http://www.muslim2china.com/muslim-tour/Guilin-Essence-and-Yangshuo-6-Days-Muslim-Tour-239.html?win_ad Guilin Essence & Yangshuo 6 Days Muslim Tour- Guilin is a quite nice city to enjoy your time, you will enjoy the whole view in this tour! Contract us at: Address:12/F,Pacific Building No4028,Jiabin Road, Shenzhen China.518001 Telephone: +86755 2502 9115 Fax: +86755 2502 9119 Email:info@muslim2china.com Site:http://www.muslim2china.com[...]


[China]Overhead flooring manufacturers, wood flooring

Overhead flooring manufacturers, wood flooring Flooring Co., Ltd. Changzhou Jun Yi raised floor with brackets, beams, panel assembly. There is a certain level of vacant space between the floor and the panel. Down-line and can be used in many lines such as air room computer room, data room, etc. are very useful. Due to its good overall performance, so more and more popular in the market. Solid wood flooring material softness and hardness, dimensional stability and workability are better. The paint[...]


[China]customized molding

Our company is a mould manufacturer in CHINA. Our business covers mould making & designing、all kinds of parts machining、plastic parts、commodity molds、dish molds、cap molds、hot runner molds、filter molds and stack mould. And also other molds spare parts provided. Our factory insists on principles of continuous improvement, quality foremost, and sincerity to cooperate with customers both home and abroad. We are looking forward to becoming your trusted mould supplier in the near[...]


[China]Rubber tensile strength reinforcement agent

As we know, mechanical strength of pure rubber is low. However, the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber can be improved from 0.35MPa to 14MPa and reinforcement rate can be 40 times higher than common rubber when the rubber is mixed with nano-silica to reinforce mechanical strength.It shows our nanometer silicon has a decisive role in the final performance in the use of silicone rubber. Specification: Appearance: White powder Item no: VK-SR01 Average particle size, nm: 30-50 BET, m2/g: 200±50 Content[...]


[China]color shift TiO2 powder

Basic information: CAS#:13463-67-7 Property: The product is not poisonous or toxic,and has special optical property.In addition,it has a good compatibility with coating and painting.The product not only has a good ability to absorb UV,but also has a good transmission to visible lights. Specification: Item no: VK-T25Q Appearance: White powder pH value: 7-9 Crystal type: rutile Average particle size: 30nm BET, m2/g: 60-90 Content of TiO2: min 85.0% Surface property: Hydrophilic(coated[...]


[Rumänien]Machining Center Csepel YBM 90 M

Y.O.M.: 1997 Travels: X: 1200 mm, Y: 1000 mm, Z: 1000 mm Feeds (x, y, z): 1-3000 mm/min Tools storage room with auto changer (60 tool places) Tool maxim diameter: 200 mm 2 Plate changers Weight:38 to Location: Romania PRICE: 60,000.00 Euro Ex Work[...]


[Rumänien]Plano Miller FLM 1000 Heckert

Y.O.M.: 1973 Table dimensions: 1000 x 4000 mm Max. travel of table: 3600 mm Distance between columns: 1420 mm Dia. Tail spindle: 180 mm Angle milling heads: ±45° Machine weight: 95 to. Location: Romania PRICE: 80,000.00 Euro Ex Work[...]