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[China]High-speed scanner of laser system

Air cooled full color system with high standard and long time laser diodes Standard Lan cable connector(RJ45 connector), input power voltage(110-240V),analog RGB modulation 10khz, color scale 16.8 mil, completed in Aluminium house, fly case, Moncha full version or Pangolin Quick show or Fiesta 2 software in optional. Beam Divergence:1.3-1.5mrad, Beam diameter: 3mm-4mm The system is available with: X,Y scanning system AB4060 scanner(40kpps) 60 scan degree Max suitable for big club,bar, show[...]


[China]Outdoor PH25 Full color LED Display,outdoor led signage

Pixel pitch: 25mm Module size: L400×H200×37mm Physical density: 1600dots/m² Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B (DIP346) Driving method: Constant current static duty Display resolution: 16×8=128dots Driving device: MBI5024 Viewing angle: H110 V50 Equilibrium brightness: ≥5500 CD/ m² Colour temperature: 6500K-9500K Gray scale/color: ≥16.7M color Every square metre module: 12.5pcs Module weight: 1.4kg Option distance: 20-160M Maximum power: 400 W/ m² Frame Frequency: ≥60 HZ/S Refresh[...]


[China]Jinan Eagle Food Machinery CO.,LTD Supply nik nak making plant

Product introduction : Kurkure/nik nak / corn curls is one new style extruded snacks, very crunchy and great in taste. Kurkure are made by extrusion process. The Kurkure corn meal is moisturized in the flour mixer with water and fed to the Rotary die Extruder. In the extruder, due to excess heat and pressure from the screws the meal gets heated and the moisture content gets reduced. The meal passes through the die and gets cut by the cutting knifes into required lengths. The Kurkure[...]


[China]LCD Digital Multifunction Smart Power Quality Analyzer Electricity Panel Meter

True RMS multifunction measurements including Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Energy, etc High accuracy Multifunction Power meter Superior performance at competitive pricing Easy to install, program and use Large LCD display for better visibility and longer life User programmable for different system voltages and current measurements Optional Ethernet port for easy integration of meters directly onto Ethernet LANs MPM8000 Power Meter Basic Function: Provide one RS485 communication, measures[...]


[China]6MM white mother of pearl shell mosaic on mesh

Item name:6MM white mother of pearl shell mosaic on mesh Model NO: SSSM-041 GRADE: AAA( Natural freshwater shell PURE white color): 1.Raw material:mesh +Freshwater shell mosaic tiles; 2.Size:1) chip size:25*25mm;All the shell mosaic tiles are straight angle,not round angle;2)sheet size:300*300mm; 3)Thickness:4mm ceramic mosaic tiles+2mm shell mosaic tiles+mesh 3.Color:natural pure white shell color 4.Usage:wall mosaic,ceiling tiles,bathroom,swimming pool..... 5.MOQ:10 square meters(Because[...]


[China]Yellowlip mother of pearl shell wall panel

Item Name:Yellowlip mother of pearl shell wall panel Model No: SSYT-008 1.Raw material: Yellowlip shell tiles+plywood 2.Size:1) chip size: 20*20MM;2)sheet size:300*300MM( Note:All the chip size and sheet size can be changed as wish!) 3.Color:Totally natural Yellow shell color; 4.Thickness:2mm mop shell chip+8mm backing material =10mm 5.Usage:wall tile,ceiling tiles,bathroom,swimming pool..... 6.MOQ: 3 square meters; 7.Backing material: PVC,MDF,ceramic,granite, Features: 1).OEM, testing[...]


[China]Blacklip hexagonal pearl shell mosaic

Item name:Blacklip hexagonal pearl shell mosaic Model NO: SSHB-015 1.Raw material: mesh +Black lip shell mosaic tiles; 2.Size:1).chip size: Hexagonal shape;2)sheet size:300*300mm; 3.Color: natural blacklip shell color; 4.Usage: wall mosaic,celing mosaic,wall decorative mosaic,interior decorative mosaic; 5.MOQ: 3 square meterS,For new clients,NO MOQ; 6.Backing material: mesh Features:1).The first OEM shell mosaic factory,we only product all kinds of shell mosaic; 2).Fast sample and[...]


[China]White hexagonal freshwater shell mosaic on mesh

Item name:White hexagonal freshwater shell mosaic on mesh Model NO:SSSM-040 1.Raw material: mesh +chinese freshwater shell; 2.Size:1) chip size:23*23mm(angle to angle);20*20mm side to side; 2)sheet size:328*328mm; 3.Color: pure white shell color; 4.Usage:wall mosaic,ceiling tiles,bathroom,swimming pool..... 5.MOQ:3 square meterS; 6.Backing material: mesh Features:1).The first OEM shell mosaic factory,we only product all kinds of shell mosaic; 2).Fast sample and mass product delivery time;[...]


[China]Natural round river shell mosaic on mesh

Item name:Natural round river shell mosaic on mesh Model NO:SSSM-RN 1.Raw material: Natural freshwater shell mosaic tiles in round style+mesh; 2.Size:1).chip size:25MM diameter;2)sheet size:328*328mm; 3.Color:natural shell color; 4.Usage: wall mosaic.celing mosaic,interior decorative tiles; 5.MOQ:3 square meterS; 6.Backing material:mesh Features: OEM,small,customized ,testing small orders are weclome! PAYMENT : T/T and western union; PACKING: soft material+carton; 11 sheets make one[...]


[China]Pixel 31.25mm full color LED Mesh Display,LED Mesh Curtain

Pixel Pitch: 31.25mm Module size:W500*H500mm Pixel Density:1024(dots/m2) Pixel Configuration:1R1G1B Recommended Minimum Viewing Distance:31m LED Type:DIP 546 Brightness: =2000 nits Viewing Angle(Deg)–H120 /V60 Scan Mode: Real Static Input Power (Max/Avg):450/180(W/m2) Cabinet Dimension: 500 X 500(mm) Cabinet Weight(Kg): 7.5kgs Colors: 1.07 Billion Gray Scale: 65536 Levels Brightness Control:100 Levels Display Refresh Rate: =300 Hertz Input Voltage: 110 V to 240V (AC); 50 to 60 (Hertz) MTBF:[...]