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[Südkorean]POQUTEC Hydraulic Scrab Grab for Excavator

We, POQUTEC, are the South Korean Manufacturer and the Exporter of " POQUTEC "- branded Hydraulic ( Rock / Concrete ) Breakers / Hammers, which are applicable for Construction / Earthmoving Machinery like Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Dingo & Backhoe Loader of all brands, Applied and Used in fields of Demolition, Construction, Stone-Mining and Quarry. POQUTEC Hydraulic Breakers / Hammers & the below products are equipped with the strong competitiveness, in both Quality-Wise[...]


[China]Construction Hoist And Tower Crane

Specifications: 1. SC series of construction hoist are manufactured and designed by absorbing the world advanced technology. It features unique design, reasonable structure, heavy hoist weight, less energy consumpation, full safety decices, reliable and Simple operation. It is a kind of vertical transporting. Facility suited for personnel, building materials, tools and the other things in the civil and industrial comstruction. Therefore, it is an ideal construction equipment of highrise buildings.[...]


[China]NGW Series Gear Reducer

1. Compared with the ordinary cylindrical geared reducers of the same level, their weight is 1/2 lower and their volume is only 1/2-1/3 of the former. 2. Their transmission efficiency is very high. 1-stage achieves 97%, 2-stage 94%, 3-stage 91% 3. The range of transmission power is very wide, from 1kw to 1300kw 4. Produced with hard-tooth-faced, they can be used widely and in long period.[...]


[Weissrussland]Telescopic excavator mounted on crawler undercarriage

EC-22-K2 – HYDRA (Telescopic excavator mounted on crawler undercarriage) Telescopic excavator mounted on crawler undercarriage.[...]


[Weissrussland]Telescopic excavator Antey

ANTEY EW 25 M1 (mounted on MAZ undercarriage 6õ6, 6õ4) On ANTEY excavators on MAZ chassis TMM (Technological mode of movement) can be established - traficability of an excavator with a speed of 1,5 km/h at the idle engine of the chassis and management of this moving from a cabin of operator. The base complete set includes: the basic bucket - 0,63 m. c., all hydrocylinders are produced by " Hydronika Dee " (Slovakia) hydropackers - pipes and clamping rings are produced[...]


[China]Bullet bit

Bullet bit for rotary drilling rig 1. high toughness 2. long service life 3. high feed rate 4. strong wearing life The bullet bit for rotary drilling rig adapt to the machine with all the performance features such as a high feed rate,a long service life and short tool changing times.Together with the parts supply assurance,a high daily production volume,and above-average economy is guaranteed. Tools apply for foundation creation,solid wall,water well drilling,trenching,mining,tunnelling. Tailor-made[...]


[China]Roller bit

roller bit 1)High-strength, high flexibility, high temperature, high wear resistance. 2) High-precision metal seal. 3) Locking roller ball, to adapt to high-speed. 4) The use of high strength high toughness carbide teeth, 5) Hours in the rotary cone bit with the impact, crushing and shearing the role of broken rock. 6) Cone bit to adapt to the soft, medium and hard of various strata. 7) Reasonable price and long working life. using the special process formula, our carbide drill bit button[...]


[China]road planing pick/road milling bit/Asphalt road planing tools

Concrete road milling bits,asphalt road milling bit/road planing picks/road stabilizer bits, cold recycling milling bits/picks .high feed rate .long service life The tungsten carbid picks we produced has excellent wear resistance and pretty cutting performance. We can provide varoius type of picks suitable for Wirtgen,Caterpillar,Vogele,Volve,Hamm,Bomag,Ingersol-land,Sakai,ABG and Dynapac's road milling machines/road recyling machines &soil stabilizer Meanwhile, a customerized model of[...]


[China]Rock drill/foundation cutting tools

High quality rock drill with competitive price. Tailor-made rock drill is available based on customer.[...]


[China]Bucket teeth

Long Durability,High Quality and can be Customised Excavator Bucket teeth We focus on offering bucket teeth, adapters, blades,cutting edge,end bits,power bolt and etc which applied to Construction Machinery (Excavator, dozer, grader, loader...)[...]